Was Mahatma Gandhi a yogi?

Was Mahatma Gandhi a yogi ?
One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have any other comments besides the following?

Chetankumar: Ya. There r evidences in some of his books tat he used 2 do meditations and pranayams.He was also da lead of gr8 dandi march in dat age also.
Freedom fighters were termed as terrorists at dat time.
So he used non-violence as tool for freedom....
He did not lost da temper and melted da rage into a useful fuel by da help of yogic wisdom ,wen he was insulted on dat platform of UK .
Non violence was trick ,not his interest.
He kept tat small insult in his mind for so long, tat speaks of his anger and selfrespect.
And if such person is talking of nonviolence,its shear wisdom and intellect.

Shoumava: to some extent he was but not a complete one as he had done some decisive mistakes in judging good people like Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh the real patriots of India. Yes Subhash C Bose was a yogi he had taken sanyas and gone to the Himalayas
Gandhi fulfills some aspects of being a yogi to 90%

Chetankumar: Gandhi always respected all freedom fighters but was very sure about wats gonna work and gonna hitback.
He used da shame of foreign rulers against there interests .But nobody is perfect as they say.
My personal fav is still bhagat singh ,da d...ynamic,young, &brave patriot.

Ayesha: Hi chetan,yeah tried out sm of them u sggstd.but am nt too regular . Thats may b da reason i never get desired result :( thnx
Sorry i didnt get u.U cn add me anyway :) thnx

Shoumava: i dont think so the man good not judge difference between good and bad...he shunned S.C.Bose a true freedom fighter and Bhagat Singh..who was hanged bcos Gandhi withdrew support to him
but yes some parts of ashthang yoga he did follow..aparigraha, asteya, ahimsa, bramhacharya, tapas etc

Nitin: Yes,he was karmyogi and mahatma

Premal: Do you think we have right to judge that?

Sami: i think he was a follower of some of the yogi ways but not a yogi per se

Ujjal: he was same as ordinary man..but he served people xtraordinarily...he was the follower of nonviolence n truth..."god is not true because ,truth itself a god"~m.k gandhi

Harte: Through ages India has occasionally given to the world a new thought. Thus Buddhism, Jainism, Yogic system, Sikhism are part of great spiritual thought given by India from time to time. Gandhiji's message of nonviolence and sustainable living is a continuation of that long tradition.
Gandhiji was a highly evolved and spiritual human being. Politics came as a byproduct of spirituality and he considered it as his duty to help his countrymen and fellow beings. The spirit of Bhagwadgita's Karma Yoga guided him in this endeavor. There are many instances of people who saw his glowing skin, aura, and felt the presence of his personality whenever they met him. That is only possible for a Yogi of very high order.
Sometimes Gandhiji carried his energy conservation experiments too far. His experiments on conserving his sexual energy proved quite controversial. He was obviously following the age-old tradition of abstinence that yogis practice. Thus whe...n at the age of 70 he had a wet dream he felt that his world had collapsed. He wrote about it and said that he felt ashamed of himself. Recent scientific evidence however has shown that our brains are full of sexual chemicals, which help in memory improvement and general well being. It is therefore possible that the practice of abstinence was done intuitively by yogis to conserve these chemicals to enhance their brain quality, which would help them in practice of yoga. More than the loss of chemicals, Gandhiji felt a lack of Sanyam and a loss of control over his purity of thought and hence his anguish.
As a spiritual being and visionary Gandhiji was far ahead of his times. I am sure if he were alive today he would have felt that his dream village (about which he talked often) could have taken shape with the availability of internet connec...tivity, desktop manufacturing and small renewable energy power packs. His dream of giving employment and decent life to rural population may become possible with the availability of these energy efficient and high tech systems. Hence if we follow his maxim of simple living and high thinking then it is possible to have a decentralized high tech rural society and India can again show the world a new path in sustainable living.
Hope it Helps...

Shoumava: Gandhi wanted to make India an agrarian economy which Nehru spoilt he was a yogi of a sort with a vision except he could not see the hidden chink in his armour Nehru

Ujjal: if u speak truth then there'll be no need to remember anything...:)

Harte: @sami its better to be mum then pass judgement with half/semi information...Because a subtle character if judged with ordinary Rules, will miss the exact mark....

Akshay: not yogi

Chakradhar: BHOGI

JAI SRI RAM......JAI HIND.......

Rozeena: What is the definition of yogi????Does yogi really exist???

Chetankumar: Ya. There r evidences in some of his books tat he used 2 do meditations and pranayams.He was also da lead of gr8 dandi march in dat age also.

Natasha: NO absolutely . He was no YOGI .

Keerthana: i dont think he is. he was just a most confident freedom fighter.

Natasha: if mahatma gandhi were a yogi he would not have led people . he would have done all the freedom fighting alone and before leaving he would have ensured that the Congress party was totally disbanded as his last wish was to " disband the party " .

lalit: Mahatma Gandhi was follow Naturopathy,

Gregg: "BE Good & Do Good." is a Yogi or Yogini. If you give more than you took from the life you are a Yogi. Ghandi was a Yogi in the political arena. GandhI held England to task, How could He not be a yogi ?

Suresh: Mahatma Gandhi Was a great yogi. He was a practitioner of four YOGA. Gyaan yog, Bhakti Yog, Karma Yog and Raaj Yog

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