What are the qualities a good yoga student should have? This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? Lisa: Self discipline Claudia: Body concious ! Vidya: i think...be sincere and honest to yourself when practising yoga, know your limitations and expand them slowly and trust your teacher as a good teacher knows what his students needs are Christine: Patience Lia: Balance Kristin: Introspection Noor: Daily practice. Jyotih: light heart, and a realistic attitude. Progress is very slow, must enjoy the ride :) Diwaker: Patience, lotds of patience Shivin: still to learn .. startin tmrw Chetankunmar: Discipline, Consistency, Hardwork, Patience, Dedication, ...Devotion, Grasping skills, Progressive approach, Experimentation, Close observation, trained practitioner.Take care and enjoy the class & the beauty of yoga! Shoumava: follow rules and be patient not rush for results and practice with diligence Jake: patience Alicia: Listen and observe the teacher. Respect yourself, your body and your classmates. Shirley: patience and responsiblity Runa: regular practice of yoga and focus Joan: Humble Karan: discipline

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