let's share your experience through the Yoga.

Are these improved?
- Quality of your sleep
- Your posture

If none of these, then share whatever you have felt after the Yoga.

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  • I have unforgotten regular morning routine to practice yoga. As my profession of yoga teacher I whole day pass near around yoga. I love to make other people healthy and safe through yoga. The whole day I feel relax and ease to work. I have lot of improvement in my breathing.

  • The quality of my sleep has been improved a lot. I am getting a sound sleep. To talk about the posture, it has improved a bit. But I am trying to reduce my breast size through yoga. I am not sure how far it is effective, but I just want to give it a try. I found an interesting blog about reducing the breast size through yoga.
    A friend of mine suggested a breast reduction surgery procedure in Barrie.
    But I am scared to go under the knife. Hope yoga would be effective.

  • Yoga has many benefits. These benefits and changes occur at physical as well as mental level. I have been doing Yoga for years and it has provided me good physical and mental health. It has also encouraged me to share my experience and yogic skills with others. For this reason I have started Yoga school in Rishikesh, India to help people learn Yogic skills and all forms of Yoga and their benefits.

  • At Chrysalis Yoga, one of my student told me that yoga has always been something he is very interested in. We as individuals determine clearly and consciously for ourselves what we should do and should not do in our lives so that we can live in harmony with our own being.

  • I have noticed several small changes after starting with yoga. The most noticeable was that I had to readjust my carseat and mirrors as my posture had changed so much :-)

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