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what is "foregiveness"? why might it be important for spiritual growth?


For me, foregiveness is cutting the attachment to the hurt (or perceived hurt) that was done to me.It is abou letting go, freedom and expansion of spirit.

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this is a very interesting topic.

In my opinion forgiveness is to change the story i tell myself about the past.

I rewrite the story from a story with one victim and a culprit to a story with people that are responsible for the things that happend.

I except another truth about me and others. If this truth is ruled by love than forgiveness has happend and all are free from guilt and shame.

Jaya mata Kali – Eduardo
Dear Sardananda Jee,


Yes, it is indeed an expansion of spirit however in my way the only person who can forgive without having any conspiracy further is a YOGI because as he remains in such state of SAMADHI where there is only LOVE and kind bless and a YOGI can only do this forgiveness because he can uphold the state of SAMADHI and the divine powers he got and can use them for a good sake towards the development of society.

It is even though seen in the society that a common person forgive his enemy or who is culprit but mostly found with a kind of SELFNESS that I have forgiven him or I have done such a big deal by letting go with a warning. SO where is expansion of spirit?

But I can say with a verse as beneath.

“Chaamatnam Kriya Sadaiva Brahmarupam Chaitanya Kriya.
Matram Shaktiyuktam Yogyapurusha Chaamapradata Neej Swartheybina”.

Forgiveness when done from the soul within then it is Chaitanya like a Brahma which remains always in a high level of spirit and he the one who is having powers can only forgive to the culprits without any SELF and warnings. Powerless person cannot forgive and never let it go without taking its revenge.

A woman can forgive in a better way than a man but to elaborate about a woman’s nature is even more difficult for a common person as she has the magnificent character within. Hence, it is well said if one who wants to know the TRUE LOVE actually stand for what then he will have to behold and sustain the “NARITAWA” within.

Secondly, spiritual growth is as much important as material growth and it is not only for a spiritual life where one who can understand about himself and enjoy the life happily with the guidance and help of divine powers as such Jyotish Vidya, Aayurveda, Hypnotisam, Mantra with Tantra and its usage, Veda Shastra Gyana,, Music and Dance, and many more but also affect and is beneficial for ones material life and as it is seen that whose material life is based on spiritual powers can never be unhappy and never goes off road.

We know that when there is both the aspect Material and Spiritual then it is called a complete life but it is unfortunate that maximum percentage is living its half of the life as material only that majority counts and they believe that taking part in holy rituals and other religious functions is spiritual life but they are wrong because they have been taught like that and they are just doing formalities only which cannot reveal the truth and happiness of life hence they are living in incomplete way. Yes it is true that luxury can be purchased by money but true happiness never and not at all as it comes from within the soul where there Brahma is situated as Sadguru whom you can know through your true love only.

Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda.

Forgive - and forget?

I agree with the forgive, but not the "forget" - otherwise we never learn from out mistakes...
A common person cannot forget it or let it go at all once he is hurt and if one who forgives and do not forget and always bear in mind it for taking a lesson from them the then there is neither freedom nor expansion in spirit and hence it is a material life one part of the life.

So who is leaning from mistakes Culprit or forgiver?

I would say self alertness is more important in life than learning from mistakes as it occurs during learning period and learning from mistakes is all about practice in daily life and it goes on till the last stage of life and it mostly happens in material life whereas broad hearted person spiritually or a real yogi do not make mistakes but leave his message.

If a person intentionally hurt someone then he is culprit notwithstanding if he excuses him for forever and do not keep in mind then it is his greatness and is a kind hearted person.

Kriyananda Mahrshi Dayananda

agreed with you........should not forget

Live in the moment forget the past become detached of attachments .
Love and peace imho

Forgiveness is something when we forgive others who has hurt you and made you felt we need to be kind hearted and to forgive other person who has hurt you.

When we learn to forgive than only we can expect others to forgive us.

Forgiveness is a highly complicated subject. i feel if we do not judge others or evaluate their action then this question will not arise. Let us not pass any judgments and do what we feel right and justified without any expectations.

let forgiveness be the sole jurisdiction of those who feel they make no mistakes and are perfect.

Physical and mental growth depends upon our own perception and attitude. our spirit is always guided by our own thoughts and if we can purify our thoughts then we will feel the spiritual growth with in us

Forgiveness is the understanding with clarity that everything is within one's own self...
Its a natural state of being in none anotherness...
Does hand says heart, "why r u having problem or ur problem is causing me sick"
If in differentiatiation one forgives others, Its another manifestation of Ego, The mistaken identification of self...

Be happy and keep smiling...


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