What is Mind-Yoga?

A situation itself how hard ever is never stressfull.
Whether we handle a stressfull situation in a good way, with less stress or not
that depends on how we perceive and react to a situation.

A person reacts on any situation according his/her PERSONALITY- THE MIND.
a good Personality of a person consists of
1) purity of mind
2) strength of mind and balanced mind
3) -self-confidence
4) -positive thoughts

Strong, Pure, Positive Happy, Balanced mind is made by the practice of Yoga.

What is Yoga?
Yoga consists of a number of practical exercises for the Mind.
Therefore Yoga is called also Mind-Yoga.
Yoga is a more practical knowledge than theroretical knowledge.
Aim of Yoga is first to make mind strong, balanced, and happy,
and to increase the concentration of the mind. Because only with a strong and pure mind
spiritual practice can be done.

The 3 steps of meditation which lead finally to Mukti/salvation are according patanjali, 1) Pratyahara, 2) Dharana, and 3) Samadhi,
These 3 steps are only possible by making first the Mind strong, balcanced, pure and positive.
-pratyahara: means directing attention of mind inside, by fixing it to some object as a mantra, a picture, a candle. The goal is to still the mind.
-dharana: means concentration of mind to inside, uninterrupted meditation without an object
- samadhi:means a deep state of meditation which enters in divine bliss, or a state of Union with God Divine, and in end Mukti-salvation.


Without a strong, balanced and Happy mind a person cannot attain
- concentration in meditation
- a person cannot practice karma-Yoga which is duty of a person born in this world
- a person cannot stand constantly his her spiritual practice
- without a balanced mind, not even mantra can be practices successfully.
- a person cannot reach the 3 steps of Meditation (pratyahara, dharana, samadhi)


The 9 Mind Yoga Technologies (practical exercises) for a strong, happy, balanced and pure mind and
for reaching the state of meditation are:

1) Mirror technology: to improve mental strength, self confidence and positive self-image.

2) Sensor technology: to sharpen all five senses as a) sight, b) hearing, c) taste, d) touch, e)smell

3) Tejas Technolgy: for smile and radiant Mind

4) Intuition Technology: to learn to listen to ur intuition, ur inner Guru voice

5) Tongue Technology: for Positive speech. Positive speech brings positive results.

6) Mind Technology: to balance Mind, control of feelings as anger, fear, ego, etc.

7) Mantra Technology: practice of a Mantra for increase of Mind concentration, cool mind,
for control emotions and generate positive thoughts
8) Self massage and breathing practice: to relax body and mind , and to remove stress

9) Meditation (pratyahara, dharana, samadhi): by help of 1)Mantra, 2)Yantra (picture) and
3) Tantra (which means spiritual devotion),which leads to a state detachment of
maya, objects of this world.

By the 9 mind Technogies above, any situation in the life of the aspirant how hard ever will be managed nicely.
Without adding new Karmas also. The 9 mind technologies are teached since very ancient times.
They are also called Vedic Technologies. These Technologies are nothing New!
The Guru, the spiritual teacher gives intruction in Yoga.

As stated in the Bhagavad Gita: The Balance of Mind is very essential to attain the state of detachment and meditation.

As it is said:
"The best way to destroy an enemy (a mind which is not in balance) is to make him a friend (a mind which is in balance and shines with purity).
Therefore make your own mind a very best friend and it will
lead you to salvation/Mukti."

mira krishna /maria veer


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  • Mind Yoga™, meaning "union with the mind of spirit" is a unique program specifically designed to stretch and elevate the mind to higher levels of consciousness. Simple mind exercises are used to bring about a union with our higher minds by harnessing the inner resource of right thoughts, beliefs and emotions and actions thereby allowing us to experience a reduction of stress while improving our overall health, relationships, well-being and quality of life.

  • Yup! Very interesting post! Mind yoga is very helpful to reduce stress it help to handle the stressful situation in a good way. Thanks for this post!

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  • Great Post ! I like it .well Mind yoga became the primary method used by master yogis to train one's consciousness for perfect states of insight, spiritual union, and tranquility.This is also a part of yoga.


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