What is the best way to decide which mantra to use for meditation? This question was asked by one of our Facebook friends and received several answers. Do you have any other comments? Shoumava: Guru is the ideal person who gives Mantra with deeksha or advice and blessing. Generally OM is a perfect mantra for meditation and helps activate the sahashrar chakra. You can use beeja mantras of various lords like Krishna, Durga, Shiva etc or gayatri mantra for meditation. The pronunciation of mantra should be proper and counting is essential, 108 is considered an auspicious number for chanting mantras http://www.yogapoint.com/tantrayoga/mantrayoga.htm for more information refer this page Ira: any word...from with u can connect ur heart... Kireet: ‎1) The Deity or God whom you are naturally attracted to. Say, if you like Durga Ma, then you should go for one of the Durga Mantras 2) The qualities you want to develop. If you want strength and Power - then Durga Mantra, if Love , the Kris...hna Mantra, if u want to be a do gooder then Hanuman Mantra, etc 3) The Mantra should not be too long. 4) It should have profound meaning on which you can meditate. 5) For meditation I find the Durga Mantra the best. 6) Also you can repeat "Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhawantu" which is not a mantra but a prayer for Happiness of all.

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  • Meditation and mantra practice is the best ways reduces stress. For thousands of years people apply meditation and mantra to reduce stress, calms the mind and increase the inner peace. It's very important to practice right mantra and meditation. Here I like to share some powerful mantras which are use to meditation.

    1. OM
    Chanting the OM sound bring us harmonic resonance and unit our disturbed mind with the universe.
    2. AAMIN
    Aamin sound is another chanting mantra use to meditation.

  • Maa Durga always blesses her devotees in need , Every year I visit Kolkatta and visit maa Durga Temple and offer my prayers by chanting durga mantra, Many believe that it's one of the most powerful mantra as Goddess maa will be pleased and shower her blessings immediately.

  • my answer would be the words that raise your awareness and tune in well with your vibrations. It could be a mantra like hum, or rim, etc or something as simple as words that have a special meaning for you. English is my first language and words in this language mean a lot to me. Sometimes I will simply repeat words like Love, Light, Happiness, Joy, Laughter, Faith, Hope. When I do, I always feel my vibrations focusing and raising me upwards in one smooth motion. a fountain of Joy bubbles up from inside me and flows outwards, engulfing me and all who reside in my presence or thoughts. I feel balanced and at peace and one with everything. Hope this helps!!! :-)))

    Much Love and Light to you!!! :-)))))
  • I like to use a devotional approach in deciding mantra. Ask yourself what is the "ideal" which you wish to get out of sadhana. Is it love, peace, transcendence, bliss etc. Then one can get a mantra that relates to this such as Om Nama Shivaya, Hari Om, Om Ah Hung, Shring, Nama Jeng, Rama Ram, Hong Sau, Guru Om, Ey Bhagavan, etc. There are universal mantras such as hong sau, guru mantras which one recives during initiation, tantric mantras such as Hung, Hring, Kring. Chakra mantras such as lam and vam; there are deity mantras such Om Gang Ganapataye Namaha;Kriya mantras, and the list goes on and on. If one is not sure then pray and meditate intensely for a mantra and one will get it.
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