What is the meaning of "Practice, and all is coming?"
This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice?

Assim: http://en.mimi.hu/yoga/abhyasa.html

Mei: "yoga is 99 percent practice and 1 percent theory" - Sri Pathabi Jois

Gayathre: regular practice is the most important aspect of yoga . there is no point in theoretically having knowledge. knowledge must be put into practice for it to be beneficial to us. continuous practice equals to continuous improvement and all other benefits follow

Liew: as what it means literally ........practise and 'it'......realisation lessons awareness wisdom....whichever applies to you .... will come to you. all's fun too......namaste.

Shirley: He found the books where he had left them....!namaste.

Natasha: To walk the path and to know the path is like difference between " seventh heaven and earth ". To walk the path is like a roadway to heaven but to just know the path is blabbing on earth foreever what a great yoga knowledge you have .

Swami Saradananda : OM - nice comments. Unfortunately, many yoga books are still being written in archaic English. I wish people would "translate" them into modern language before putting them up on Facebook.

Rashmi: I feel this is very similar to what Christ said that seek the kingdom of God and all the rest ( meaning peace,joy,happiness) will be added unto you..similarly practise and slowly all the benifts that comes with that will be given to you without your seeking for it..it will be a bi-product of your practise..

Marcela: svadahya:practice.....for a long time, no interruption,devotionally,with respect......practice and practice......and all is coming.

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