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What would it take that more non-Germans would come to Yoga Vidya Ashram Meinberg?

Yoga Vidya Ashram Meinberg/Germany is most likely the biggest Yoga Ashram outside India. 140 Yoga aspirants live there permanently, 200-350 guests are there every day for Yoga Seminar, teachers Training Courses, Intensives, Continuted Training etc.
We have lots of English-speaking Yoga Teachers and Masters teaching here. So we have quite a lot of English Yoga programs here.
What would it take that more non-Germans come to participate in these seminars?
Do you have any suggestion what we can improve?
Thank you for any suggestion!

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First, there has to be more word out about Yoga Vidya and what it has to offer. Here in the US people primarily know about SYVC, obviously because SYVC is here and followers of Swami Vishnu are connected into that. Once more people know about YV I think at some point it is going to be necessary for YV to accept credit card payments besides the euro card. Here the mentality is charge it and pay for it later; most people never use cash and have never done an international wire transfer.
Yoga Vidya appears at many occasions in Germany. Yoga festivals, fairs, etc. Maybe you could send some delegates from YV to similar events abroad?
The biggest obstacle is your email system. You and I have discussed it before and the problem has not been resolved at all.

Bluntly your email spam filter is horrible and I know of several non Germans who had the sincere intent to visit Bad Meinberg or Westerwald and never got a reply to their one or several emails.

Otherwise people from outside the country feel intimidated to visit a German ashram in Germany. Most of it is perception which is unwarranted in my opinion. Publishing testimonials of foreigners who have visited the ashram could help. Germany still has a bad rep abroad but that will change.

Good luck with all your projects.
What about ads on Googlemail? They're personalized and many people already use Googlemail. I think this would draw some people.
I have never hear of it, would love to go one day. Many ashram are just in it for the money, costs are to high for many people or have restrictive entry requirements. How can one find out more about it?
Better to have a "Full Moon" than a thousand blinking stars." Srila Prabhupada

I stayed at Yoga Vidya last March 2009. It's all about Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda. Such a beautiful place. Ashrams are where you bring something, your talents etc. It's such a great place to serve. I've been in Yoga 30 years. Yoga Vidya is the best. I hope my lifetime offers me the time to be Staff. Put me in with all those Germans and whoever else, I'll serve them, nicely. Ruby Blue said," If Master Sivananda blinks his eye it will happen." I told everyone I knew about Yoga Vidya after I came back to the USA as I had never heard of it in 30 years.

Get a story in Yoga Journal USA and the people will come in for sure.

Let them hear Swami Vishnu's & Master's voice and they will stay. Many people live in Ashrams to get their head together and grounded then they leave and go back out into the world. Many people would never live in an Ashram. Each individual can go there for a set time period and Sivananda will show them something they need on many different levels. Jai Sivananda. Jai Vishnudevananda.
Well i e-mailed Bad Meinberg and tried to call the number. What is the number anyway? I could not get through. I guess it would be easier for me to go to SYVC as i am in the states. I suppose they follow the same formats and general teachings. I would love to go and live in Gemrany at a yopa center for a long time though, continue yoga and learn German. I'm a good karma yogi as well as like asana etc. the whole routine.
Go today, it's the best. You'll have it the rest of your life what you get from there. It's a blast.
thank you for your question.
The Telephone Number of Bad Meinberg:
+49-5234-870 - please make sure you call at a time when somebody is in the office (8.30 am - 7.30 pm Central European Time).

Email is

Om Shanti
All the best,
Swami Vishnu said, "He wanted places where everyone could practice Yoga." That's Yoga Vidya. Will give Sukadev a contact for Yoga Journal. Jai Hanuman.
Perhaps ads in Facebook will help. And also the information that it is possible to come, even if you don´t have any money, as you will be able to work for your yoga lessons. So many young people don´t know what to do with themselves after school. Why not get them into coming for a couple of months for a special "after school course" that includes some hours of karma work and let them learn yoga as a basis for their life-to-come. This is the best that YV can offer to young people after the Pisa desaster. That concerns Germany but also foreigners, as it could be an international course, including German lessons. What a chance!
So many people come to India learn Yoga stay in Ashrams. Same way you can invite Yoga teachers from India to visit the Ashram and learn and also teach for beginners the proper way of practicing Yoga-not limited to only Postures.


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