Yoga Vidya Ashram Meinberg/Germany is most likely the biggest Yoga Ashram outside India. 140 Yoga aspirants live there permanently, 200-350 guests are there every day for Yoga Seminar, teachers Training Courses, Intensives, Continuted Training etc. We have lots of English-speaking Yoga Teachers and Masters teaching here. So we have quite a lot of English Yoga programs here. What would it take that more non-Germans come to participate in these seminars? Do you have any suggestion what we can improve? Thank you for any suggestion!

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  • Yoga Vidya appears at many occasions in Germany. Yoga festivals, fairs, etc. Maybe you could send some delegates from YV to similar events abroad?
  • First, there has to be more word out about Yoga Vidya and what it has to offer. Here in the US people primarily know about SYVC, obviously because SYVC is here and followers of Swami Vishnu are connected into that. Once more people know about YV I think at some point it is going to be necessary for YV to accept credit card payments besides the euro card. Here the mentality is charge it and pay for it later; most people never use cash and have never done an international wire transfer.
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