Yoga Vidya Ashram Meinberg/Germany is most likely the biggest Yoga Ashram outside India. 140 Yoga aspirants live there permanently, 200-350 guests are there every day for Yoga Seminar, teachers Training Courses, Intensives, Continuted Training etc. We have lots of English-speaking Yoga Teachers and Masters teaching here. So we have quite a lot of English Yoga programs here. What would it take that more non-Germans come to participate in these seminars? Do you have any suggestion what we can improve? Thank you for any suggestion!

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  • Post on the yoga forum , I might be interested in the 500 y.t.t. This summer
    Peace and love
  • Hi!

    Well, I was there this Summer and it was great. In fact I tried to visit you last year, but for some reason I never got response when I tried to get information. This year I managed to contact the ashram, but just when I registered in a seminar. The second address (after registration) was different so there was provably something wrong with the previous e-mail address (I ´ve read before you have a strong spam filter so may be it was because of that).

    I went to a seminar by Narayani (asanas intensive) but i wanted to assist to Viveka Chudamani by Sukadev, with Narayani's intensive. However, the theorical part (philosophy) was in german. I was told to chek in the english seminars, but I din`t know exactly which they were, for it didn´t say in the seminar information (Now I guess the seminars in english are those by foreigners masters).

    Anyway, it would be nice to have some leaflets and brochures in english, because it was hard to get informed about the Ayurveda massage, doing karma yoga at Yoga Vidya and a few more things. I tried not to bother too much asking those yoguis living or working there, who I knew they spoke english. In fact, when I got there, unfortunately the girl at reception didn't speak english, and a german girl who was visiting the ashram helped me a little bit.
    We could take a few of these brochures and take them with us back to our country and give them to our students, or any other yoga teachers and centers, to let Yoga Vidya be known.

    If you had a department dealing with international matters, people who visit you could get propper info there and keep in touch. If people from different countries who visit you offer themselves to provide you contacts of yoga and meditation centers in their countries or counties, you could send them information to let Yoga Vidya be known and inform them about your seminars. May be to get in touch as well with public universities that offer any kind of studies related to philosophy or religions, to let their students know. I think this departmet could help people from other countries (specially those non english native speakers) to feel more confident and get involved with Yoga Vidya.

    I hope my testimony is a bit usefull. It was wanderful being at Yoga Vidya and I hope more people from Spain can get the experience. I will repeat for sure :-)
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  • And linking here in more places like from the Facebook page.
    • I am from the Netherlands and I visited your place twice. It was lovely !!
      But when I asked my yoga friends, they also are yogateachers, they dont even know about your centrum.
      So I think it has to do with un-knowles. Perhaps you could place an advertisement in our yogamagazine or something else to make your name more well know.

      with love, Marianne
  • How about an english testimonial page where people like me and Greg Hill Gopal could write something. And maybe there are some other people who could contribute to that page as well.
  • The Ashram has to have people that practice Yoga, that's it. Go to India and they will ask you to teach,my experience. Swami Vishnudevananda wanted a place where people could practice Yoga,that's it.The Facility at Bad-Meinberg is the best in the world. First Class. The lodging,the food etc. is the best. The 1 /2 hour Meditations are very quiet. That is priceless. People should try one weekend of the Ashram that's all it takes. India is like a USA "yard sale,"you get the very best and the very worst.Invite people from different styles other than your own, that's how you get the people to come to see what you are doing. Invite the big names there they will have you increase the count. If you are sincere in your practice that will draw the people. Yoga-Vidya rocks !!!
  • Namaste,
    It is nice to discover this Yoga Ashram.
    We are in France and we practice several types of yoga.
    We learn mainly Naad Yoga (Sound Yoga) from the great artist and Indian Master
    Pandit Shivkumar who also performs in concerts and during Indian Music Festivals.
    If Indian music and Indian artists can help the center and bring more people and students
    even our French students, encouraging the practice we are here and you can count on us.
    We often travel to Romania and Hungary and Germany is on the way...
    We also teach Indian Music from the basics, notes, Indian ragas, bhajans, kirtans.
    Congratulations for this nice ashram !
  • OM - Yoga Vidya English website sounds too German! You need a proper English-speaking editor. Also, brochures and teaching materials in good English to back it up.

    When people wrote to Yoga Vidya in English, they often don't get answered - or the English of the answer is difficult to understand.
    • Thank you for your suggestions...

      :-) Ashrams in India often don't have the best English brochures/ Web Pages - but still quite a few foreigners come :-)

      But of course, Germany is not India. And you are definitely right: There is lot of room for improvement... And hopefully you will be able to contribute ...
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