• Yes yoga is best for the proper sleep. The bad sleep lead to less focus and less energy in the next day. The less energy means you will feel low and don't do your work properly and actively. One of best way to take the proper sleep in by doing the yoga. And you can learn the yoga poses by joining the Yoga Teacher Training in India for learning the yoga aspects.

    • Child Pose
    • Standing Forward Bend
    • Legs Up the Wall
    • Corpse Pose
    • Legs on chair pose
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  • 10 minutes gentle Yoga Class - very suitable for better sleep.

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  • Shavasana -Yoga Relaxation. If you have difficulties sleeping you can practice this relaxation technique. You can also use Yoga relaxation after waking up at night - you will fall asleep again very easily. You can download this and many other Yoga Videos on

    • In general, Yoga helps to sleep better. If you practice Yoga at any time of the day, you will most likely sleep quite well
    • Meditation is very good before sleeping. When you meditate even for a few minutes, this should improve your sleep. Prayer also helps
    • Some Yoga practicioners find it most helpful to do Yoga directly before going to sleep, but not doing the final relaxation on the Yoga mat but in bed instead - and fall asleep with a Yoga deep relaxation technique
    • Some students find it helpful to read some inspiring books right before going to sleep
    • Some students become very awake when practicin certain forms of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama. They find it difficult to sleep afterwards. Usually this problem will disappear after a few days. In these cases, meditation and/or reading of a spiritual book will be helpful
    • Very challenging Yoga which gets the heart going should not be done immediately before going to bed. 1-2 hours before sleep is ok
    • Especially helpful for a good sleep are Alternate Nostril Breathing, Forward bends and Spinal twist. And, of course, relaxation and abdominal breathing.
    • When going to bed you can make autosuggestions like: "I want to fall asleep in 5 minutes. I want to wake up at 6 am. I will be full of energy when I wake up. Now I am very relaxed" Afterwards say some prayer or repeat a Mantra or do a deep relaxation technique. You will fall asleep quite well
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