Where does the soul reside?

This question was asked by Kumar: "where does the soul reside in the body, if you know tell me, Or any one know tell me i want the answer". 

Some of our Facebook friends answered - do you have any further clarification?

Ashley: Soul-ar plexus :)

Luciana: the soul reside in all energy centers and in our mind, the body is the temple of soul. Be on gard of them, carefully whit the body in respect of your soul.

Raj: soul is kindda energy..n actually our body resides in soul not soul resides in body..we cn feel our energy or aura( in more specific words)j8 outer of our body..dis is a soul..aura is a part o our soul..if any1 wanna test..den keep ur palm j8 above ur any body part...n feel d energy..:-)

Bharat: what is soul??... if you know that, you'll understand it easily and better... the way I understand it is, your body is sum-total of all elements in certain proportion, the chemical reaction is the energy that keeps you alive, with help of pran (breathing).... we say all answers are within us, reason to that being "any chemical reaction happening anywhere in universe, is happening inside your body".... death is your pran leaving your body, the chemical reaction will continue elsewhere... this.... we know how to prolong that reaction source to stay in body, and the way is to not let your pran leave the body.... know "Khiri-Nand"?

Nalini: only the souls knows coz the soul has the sole knowledge

Anil: Meditate to experience the soul. It is all pervading, no part of the body would exist or function without the Spirit (Soul as you mentioned). Attempting to understand Spirit with words, thoughts, intellectual debate & imagination can only give direction to reach the soul because of limitedness of the object trying to perceive it. Spirit / Soul is the origin of words, thoughts, imagination not the other way around.

Bharat: with respect to all getting offended with my statement here........ kindly try to understand my statement, please

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  • The soul 'resides' not in the physical body nor even at the core of the astral body. As consciousness becomes more subtle we become aware of the astral body. As consciousness becomes even more subtle we become aware of the functions/koshas of the astral body. And as consciousness becomes still more subtle we become aware of the soul as our identity, that is, as Parabrahman. The short answer is that the soul 'resides' nowhere and everywhere and beyond.
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