Where to get mantra mp3 files?

Any site for downloading powerful mantra MP3? This question was asked by facebook - here are some answers - do you hve any more suggestions?

Sita Chaitanya: All the yoga vidya posted mantras are available here: http://mantra.podspot.de/rss+all . You just right click and Save Link As and you can download to your computer.

All of those plus tons more are also available here: http://my.yoga-vidya.org/songs . Again you just right click and Save Link As and you can download to your computer.

In my opinion the best ever powerful mantras are from the Ramakrishna Math here: http://www.ramakrishnamath.in/pages/book_store/CassettesCDs.htm You have to buy them but the Mantrapushpam is fabulous.

Another great one is the Bhagavad Gita chanted by Swami Brahmananda. That's the best version if you can find it. I think it is sold through Chinmaya mission, although I can't find the link anymore and just discovered the whole thing seems to be on youtube. 

Nishant: Thank you so much ♥ ♥ ♥

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  • If it is only for listening like we have been listening bhakti bhajan which gives a kind of vibration right but it remains till the time only you are involved after that life returns to as usual state. Only listening is not much important but the more important is how you uphold the same and bring it into practice in your daily life style the then it would be beneficial otherwise.........?

    In respect to getting Sadguru nearby it depends on ones wish and continuity to get in his life.

    I would like to say hereby you all that try to down load such sacred mantra from the universe directly the then it is more worthwhile, try to do some thing new always, and that can be done or received through Sadhana only.

    Kriyanada Maharshi Dayananda
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  • Why and what is main purpose to get all powerful Sacred mantra down loaded through this media? Is this worthwhile? Could it be fruitful to you all?

    If any one needs mantra, there are already Veda, Srimadbhagwat Gita, Guru Gita and many other holy books available in which all kind of mantras are said but in my opinion, mantras received from a Sadguru is the only and best way for Mantra Sadhana and would be fruitful rather to opt it from a book.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
    • Yes I think listening to mp3 recordings of mantras is very beneficial. You can feel the vibrations within the body and it's purifying and calming influence. It's not the same as reading them in a book, and while you may be right that the best is to get them from a satguru, not everyone has a satguru nearby from whom to get them. Personally I think it's great, mantras available for the spiritual uplift of everyone.
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