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Which is the best seated posture?
One of our Facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies. Do you have anything to add to this?

Annie: I think everyone has their own "best". It all depends what the yoga is doing for your body and how you feel on the way there...

Julie: The most comfortable and balanced seated pose to you is the best pose for you. Everyone have their own best pose.

Kapil: there are so many poses but the pose which is most comfortable for you is the best for you

Amit: Sukha Asana gives stability and comfort.

Archana: padmasana sukhasana

Julia: Easy pose ie when u r at d most comfortable position.

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You may try Bharadvajasana. It helps!

Here are best seated posture

1. Bharadvaja's Twist
2. Boat Pose
3. Bound Angle Pose
4. Cow Face Pose
5. Easy Pose
6. Fire Log Pose


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