Please tell me what postures are good for a woman slightly over weight carrying fat around her middle and has two lower vertebrae slipped discs, high blood pressure and sciatica thanks. One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you advise? Karin: cat and cow it very slowly and softly...make sure it creates absolutely no pain in your spine! Claire: Trikonasana is very good, I reckon she needs to see for herself what postures feel comfortable and steady.. When she practices balasana/child she must make fists with her hands placing them one on top of another resting forehead on top. All the warriors, I find it amazing how people who are over weight can balance incredibly well! Being over weight doesn't mean you can't try most postures!! And remember you are unique and are loved just the way you are. Felana: Any forward bending asanas should be avoided... Bela: please first consult your doctor before doing any exercise.then find good yoga teacher Sita Chaitanya: For sciatica and lower back pain do the back strengthening exercises, especially the locust. For high blood pressure avoid retentions on pranayama and inversions. Natasha: slipped disc is something you should be very careful about ..

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