If the desire of human beings are not fulfilled then whom he will actually blame? FATE,GOD or HIMSELF? himself because for not doing his deeds! but if he does all his deeds, then also his desires are not fulfilled,then what he should think? whom he will going to blame?

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  • No one be blamed but here the Karmas are chief factor so a living being have the fruits accordingly. Just take a simple example:

    If the seed of a plant is rotten or in a bad condition the then there will be doubt whether the plant will grow strongly and perfectly and if it not sure then its fruits will also be in doubt. A human has the right to have desires but to get that desires fulfilled he will have do such related karmas. He can do only karmas but does not have the control over its out come and if you want to have the control over its out come the then also you will have to be involved in such karma that is called Sadhana that is also a karma. Here sadhana does not mean the only spiritual functions but material life is also a sadhana that is know as grihasta sadhana but how a person hold on it depends.

    So, if one has cooked Khichadi ( a kind of food) and expect for Pulav the how it could be possible. So for a intelligent the sign is enough. A human should always take a challenge, the Fate and God also supports to them only who has a strong will and determination. Nothing comes in a easy way and would hereby like to advice do not take short cut that may create problem but long and steady returns the good results at the end that is true.

    Try to stand/remain in present and see the past and future if you can do it you can change your fate also but it also requires karma. So believe yourself and your karma, do as per your desires do not think whether it will be come true or not.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
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