Why do some meditation teachers tell you to face to the north when meditating? This question was asked by one of our Facebook friends and received several answers. Do you have any other comments? Judit: please one person can explain me this please thankssssss Jake: I have never heard that. I find meditation, no matter where or when, great practice, but never have I heard to face north. I have heard to face East(the rising sun) when doing sun sals in the morning. Perhaps facing away from the sun prevents it from getting into the eyes and disrupting the meditation? Indahwati: Never heard about that Shoumava: Its a belief in Hindu dharma or you can say in Eastern philosophy that all divine forces lie in the East as the sun also rises in the East. In Hinduism both East and North are said to be the abode of Gods hence it is advised to face either East or North while praying. I guess the same practice is in Islam and Christainity also. The other directions like South are entry to evil forces and West not auspicious, but my advice do face the East pr North which are positive directions Jyotih: It relates to vasu shastra. North is the direction of mercury. This planet is considered to be benificial. Also east is the sun and north east is jupiter both of those are also good. In jyotish you can perform rituals for any planet while facing its direction. Hope this helps. Look up jyotish and vasu shastra for more info. Arya: God is everywhere, everyone! Stating your direction for prayer or meditation is a mockery to humanity; it's one of the propaganda of Holyland business! Just be free; honestly express yourself!! Jyotih: It relates more to subtle quality than anything. If you spend time facing each direction an feel deeply, there is a subtle energetic diffence. Also north has a magnetic pull. The universe is in costant motion. The cardinal directions repres...ent the flow of energy generated by the motion as well as the energy from the sun and moon. Southis mars and fire. West is saturn, destiney and obligations. North west is the moon: prana and emotion, south west is venus: beauty and disires. South east is rahu and ketu, south and north node: where we come fromand where we are going. I had no belif in the improtance of directions till i studied jyotish. Then as i meditated i felt the energetic differences.

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  • I do not think facing any direction is important for meditation practice.
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