Why is kundalini referred to as 'she'?

Why is the kundalini energy referred to as 'she'?

One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have anything to add?


Sangeet: Because its Shakti and Shakti is feminine

Maria: In Spanish it would have to do with semantics." La energía kundarini" it´s a "she" word. But I think that if it´s so in other languages ... shall it be because it has to do with "mother" "earth" ?

Greig: Sangeet is correct She refers to Shakti who moves up through susuma nadi to Agna chakra to re-unite with Siva

Nitin: Yes,it is because of shakti(mother of universe) wife of shiva.

Shoumava: shakti is female

Archana: females r more active,nagin is active than nag kundalini is supposed to be a snake

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  • Who knows why. Does not really matter?. My guess and natural inclination is that kundalini is that which leads to bliss on the physical level, while Shiva or concsciousness leads to transendental bliss. There are more esoteric/tantric meanings that may be expressed. The above answers are correct, yet to understand kundalini as the feminine principle is more than a standard definition or reason. Experience with understanding/knowledge reveals the truth which most/many yogis/yoginis are unwilling to accept or understand. If one is sincere in wanting to know kundalini and "her" meaning then one must (in my opinion) worship her and askfor her blessings and knowledge. Very few paths deal with "secret" kundalini pracitices and methods etc. It s not secret at all, yet many sadhakas are unwilling to look at or acknowledge the inner aspect of kundalini.
  • OM


    In Indian tradition, the active principle is always feminine. Shakti is dynamic and creates the the world; Siva is passive and watches, i.e. He is consciousness

    - Swami Saradananda

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