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Hello friends!! Why should we keep the tongue against the palate in some exercises?
One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you advise?

Sunita: Keeping the tongue this way helps in generating more saliva which when goes in to the body helps in degiestion.

Ian: Thanks Sunita!

Ellen: to estimulate the pineal gland

Victor: I had the same q. mostly for it use in in meditation. I´ve read everything about it and found something talking of an exercise with the tongue back, more and more each time. At some point this practice will lead you to a wake of some so pure elixir in the throat. A panacea... This and more...

Dharmendra: ‎...because we conect spritual energy{crown chakra} to chakras{other lower chakras then become cricle for kundlini,,,

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