Why? Why do things exist?

Can anyone provide an answer to the following "Why" question.

Why? Why do things exist? Plants, animals, people, planets, stars… everything. Why do they exist? I do not think physics or science can answer this question. Science may be able to explain how things work and what causes what. But the Why questions, I am not sure Science can ever answer. But the various religions have a similar shortcoming. They say – if you do this you go to heaven or if you do something else you go to hell? Or they say if you do this you will be happy and if you do something else you will be unhappy. But I have not seen a decent explanation as to why everything was created. Just to see if we the creations behave properly? That’s like saying we have kids so that we can give them treats/punishments based on whether the kids behave well/bad.

Om Shanti

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  • The universe exists because you exist. Without your existence universe ceases to exist. Thus your existence is important for the existence of the universe. You exist, because the universe exists. Thus existence of the universe is necessary for your existence, because you exist within the universe. Thus you and the universe co-exist together. Thus it is necessary to know, how the universe, which contains everything exists, not the things bifurcated by form and names within the universe.

    Whatever Plants, animals, people, planets, stars, and ocean mountains everything, which is seen, known and believed and experienced as person are within the universe. The universe appears when the mind [I] appears and universe disappears when the mind [I] disappears. Thus, it is necessary to realize the mind is in the form of universe, which appears as waking or dream and disappears as deep sleep.

    Mind is universe, because when the mind [I] is there then only the universe is there. The ego, body, universe appear together and disappear to gather. Limiting the mind [I] to the physical entity is cause of the ignorance. The body, ego, universe ceases to exist without the mind. If one of these is absent then the mind is also absent. Thus mind is the whole universe, which appears as waking or dream[duality] and disappears as deep sleep[non-duality] Thus one which is aware of the appearance and disappearance of dual and non-dual experiences is not the form[body or ego] but formless[consciousness].

    The consciousness [soul] is the true self. The true self is the source of the three states. These three states deceive; the people fail to look beyond them to its source, which is real, supreme and imperishable. The three states are mere mirage/illusion. It is difficult to overcome the illusion without the wisdom. But one can cross over this illusion, by realizing and becoming aware of the fact that, the self is not physical but it is consciousness. everything[mind or universe]exists, because of consciousness.

    People are deluded by illusion, because they have immersed in the illusion experiencing it as reality. They are ignorant because they think the self is physical and the experience of birth, life, death and world as reality. Having lost all discrimination, they follow the way of their physical nature. When ignorance vanishes through wisdom then only it is possible to negate the illusion, the mortal becomes immortal. When all the physical shackles that strangle the self are loosened, the mortal becomes immortal, here in this very life.

    The ultimate understanding is: Nothing has actually been created. All that appears is mere mirage. Everything is consciousness and nothing can be apart of it. No second thing exist other than consciousness, neither the man nor the world, which contains all the objects exits in non-dual reality.
    • Namaste Santthoshji,

      I understand that the universe includes me, i am part of this universe. Hence if you say "The Universe exists because you exist" the question is not answered. The questioner could ask "Why does the world which includes me exist?" or "Why do things including me exist?"

      Om Shantih,
  • Things exist because thoughts exist, thoughts exist because the mind exists, the mind exists because consciousness exists, consciousness exists because the moment exists. If we take the transitive law in mathematics and apply it to the above statement then we can say that things exist because the moment exists.

    Note:- transitive law, in mathematics and logic, statement that if A bears some relation to B and B bears the same relation to C, then A bears it to C. In arithmetic, the property of equality is transitive, for if A = B and B = C, then A = C. Likewise is the property inequality if the two inequalities have the same sense: that is, if A is greater than B (i.e., A > B) and B > C, then A > C; and if A is less than B (i.e., A < B) and B < C, ... More >
  • Things exist because Jawhe had the desire to experience himself.

    Jaya mata Kali - Eduard
  • It exists because you create it!
  • Omsri Jee


    It is a very nice question you raised. Off course it is a very vast subject to answer in detail but if go to through your own realization you can get all answer spiritually. However I would like to answer your question WHY?.as below.

    All the material world or outer nature is existing because you are existing. If you are not existing then no question of existing this material or nature. So it is exiting till to your existence.

    My suggestion to you please do not believe so blindly on what other say or said in the past through books according to their true experiences these all could be taken as a reference but your own experience is much matters than believing in some one has said like this and that.

    So try to experience your own why you are exiting, what is the main cause for taking birth, What should be your actual deeds. Every occurrence has a reason so as your existing is also having a reason which can be known through the help of a Sadgurudev and no other way to get answer of these all Why.

    Wish you all the best to have a Sadgurudev in your life soon.

    May Sadgurudev Nikhileshworananda bless you.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Swami Sivananda says this is a question that can't be understood until you are self-realized, so not to spend too much time thinking about it.
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