Can somebody give me some help /tricks that open the nose..? In winter because of having a cold, and in spring because of hay fever(allergy) ,doing breathing exercises are very difficult for me . i would very much appreciate your ideas-thankyou

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  • Perform jala and or sutra neti. Both are easy to perform. Surely there is a health food store your area that has a "Neti Pot" I add 1/4 teaspoon of salt. If your nose is really cloggged it might take a few applications or do sutra neti first. This "Kriya" also balances the brain hemispheres and activates ajna chakra,ida and pingala nadis.
    • Thank you very much Kulananda,
      What an intersting name you have- has it got a meaning?

      I know what Neti is ,but what is Sutra neti -and what is jala? I am just a beginner...

      kind regards
  • Try "the buzzing bee" pranayama, I found it a good way to open a blocked nose and sinuses.
    • Dear Claudia,

      Thankyou very much for your advice, but I don't really know what do you mean with ``the buzzing bee `´ pranayama- because I'm learning yoga, and living in Germany!

      I find your profile very interesting, and your pictures I like very much ,especially the happy colours that you use.
      I've been in Art college in England and my speciallity was Ceramics(graduated 1994) .At the moment I paint as hobby, and try to develope / hope to find my own way in art/ hope to be able to make something out of my ideas- In the Uni, I had made sculptures out of clay-abstract forms inspired from trees...working with clay is soooooo lovely that it's pure meditation for me, but because of lack of time I can't do it.

      Since how long are you painting- Is this your job?

      It would be nice to hear from you ,again,
      Take care,and Peace be with you.

  • Lay on the opposite side of the clogged nostril and put something like a tennis ball and put it in your armpit and put pressure there in a minute or less that nostril will open unless you have a Lorrie/Truck parked in your nostril.
    Swami vishnu taught us that in the ATTC Advanced Pranayama class,1984.
    Boil a pot of water and pius a few fresh Basil leaves in it and then take a sheet and cover you and the hot water and the steam will open your nose. A portable sauna.
    I saw that in a Siddha medicine in India where the Family has been doing medicine for 900 years.

    Peace be to you and have a quiet night,

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    • Hello Gregg,
      Thank you very much for your helpful information.
      I 've read your interesting profile, and I'm wondering if you also can help me with my next question:
      I have a friend who has MS. Her condition is getting worst and the power of her muscles are getting less and less. What do you think? Can yoga help her, somehow? Or are there special exercises ,which are good for her?

      I wish you also peace and happiness.

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