The german national Football Team are the World Champions. With good health and esprit the German Team won the worldcup.

Since January Jogi Löw startend Every training with yoga. On his side was Patrick Boome with interest for Jivanmukti-Yoga. This kind of yoga helps to develop balance and stretch the muscles. Yoga influenced the nervous system. Jivan-Mukti Yoga is a good supplement for good healty and concentration. Broome said: It is necessary to be in balance inside. More than to look good outside.

Lukas Pudolsky declared: It is free for everyone to praxis yoga. The new training running since January with a new quality the kind of Jivan-Mukti Yoga.

The national football player had very good results with yoga. If the player prefer the daily praxis with yoga, Broome organized a little group.

During the world championsschip the Germans football player are steady mind and good concentration. The rest is history, a 1:0 against Argentina and the trophy came back to Germany. Supported by strong physics and a well balanced Team with the help of Yoga.


What do you think: Is it good that football players use Yoga to win?

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