Preet inder jit singh - April 23, 2013
The world is full of knowledge what we explored by our mind is a miracle for us but we havnt realise that these miracles are by Mighty power of OM. In western OM can be called as 0 zero (perfect balanced)We are kept going on by that Om or Zero power exploring new horizons . We ourself are the explorers and we (means all humans)are the recipents of the explored knowlege .Here we have vedic knowlege same as in all vedas , shastras ,upnishads and sutras.We are concentrating outer world with knowledge but if we concentrate the same in inside us where all powers exist we dnt have to come again and again to the outer world .Here we depend on ourself how deep concerned are we in meditation concentration as OM is behind the conneced souls in network.we can have more talks of this inner world and outer world contact fb id Preetinder jit singh,Patiala .Christina pharma sutra is going to make some body on the way to innerworld who will he we dont know but knowledge provided by her is going to realise some body his aim of life while reading this book Pharma sutra …………..Arjun said to Lord Krishna that Hey keshav(krishna) U have opened my mind by shaswat knowlege (universal knowlege) then who are are those people who are critising you? Lord krishna said I am also in them this what the truths which makes our minds balanced ………Thanks to Christina sarich to make a cause to write from his inpirations of pharama sutra…………..Preet inder

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