Yoga and multiple sclerosis

i have ms multiple sclerosis my doctor advised me to practice yoga. i have 
problem of concentration and disequilibrium, can u yoga help me?

Our facebook friends gave these answers - do you have any other suggestions?

Sita: I have had several students with MS and they all claim yoga helps them a lot. There is also documented evidence of yoga's medical benefits for MS, especially the types of yoga that hold postures for longer periods, such as the Sivananda style. Good luck for you, I hope you find a good teacher and it helps you too.

Stelina: thinks here in tunisia i dont think ill tray wthe dvd

Nitin: Stelina yoga along with ayurvedic medicine will b very effective

Neeraj: yoga practice regularly in pure form will definately help...sivananda style .....plz avoid medecines of any form....

Swami Saradananda : OM - Dear Stelina - yoga can definitely help you - but it would be best for you to find a good teacher in your area who can guide you.

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