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Hi, so I am a yoga beginner currently practicing the first beginner complete guide 20 mins yoga video. I enjoy doing it but my only issue is clearing my mind. I am always thinking and it gets me a bit distracted during the lesson. Also, i need advice on what to eat... and how long should I continue the first yoga practice? I've done it four times so far

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Thinking is what we do as human is by focusing on breathing for me that was taught to let go of the head. Focus on breath counts, deep breath counts on what yoga poses you are practicing. I have gotten in habit of meditation to help with the breathing and the breath of fire to focus on how to breath for inner peace. There is no right or wrong way....after awhile of practicing we begin to see our own ways of change. Keep practicing as know that in time everything just falls into place.

Thank you so much.. I'll keep that in mind

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Yoga helps to balance mind and body, keeps us energetic.. it is possible that the mind wonders away with thoughts just bring it back to breathing..(abdominal breathing). I did my yoga teacher training course at Arhanta Yoga in India and had the same problem but my teachers advised me to try to keep the focus on breathing...

Love and Light

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Hi Xannique,

Since you have just started with your yoga practice, it is quite obvious to get distracted during your yoga sessions. But by focusing on your breath counts, you can increase your concentration while practicing your yoga poses. Once you got all control on your breath counts, trust me, you won't be having any problem practicing your yoga poses. And as far as right diet is concerned, there is no strict diet you need to follow but try to eat all healthy and nutritious food items.


It is absolutely right that in the beginning, when you get on with your yoga practice, you have some distractions. However, after performing some yoga practices, you eventually started gaining good concentration that won't let distract during your yoga session.
There are many asanas like tree posture, eagle pose, hero pose that helps you in increasing your concentration, so try these out before starting doing your yoga session.

Yoga is great activity which is good to the overall health. If you doing only for the four times, then you will not get the effective results. It will take 4 weeks of practice to shows the effective results.


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