Yoga Daily Schedule

My Daily Schedule of Yoga
I wake up around 4-4.30AMin morning & after completing natural call & bath etc prepared myself for yoga asnas.I start with Suryanmaskar (5-10 rounds) followed by Sheersha Asan, upto now was doing for 10-15 mts with the support of wall but due to accident in past (2012) I have to take up help from wall but hope todo it independently very soon,Sarvang & Vipreetkarni Asan (300 counts of numbers),Bhujangasan (11 times),Salabhasan (10times) ,Paschimotaasan with its variations (100 counts of numbers), ,Matsyaasan (100 counts of numbers),Dhanurasan & Chakra asana,Spinal twist Ardhmatesendra asan ,Yogmudra forward bend (100 counts of numbers,Shasank asan , (100 counts of numbers),Marjhari & Sinha asan,Maha mudra & Mahabhed Mudra,Pranayam Bhastrika (100 counts of,Kapalbhati (300 counts of numbers),Agnisar kriya (100 counts of numbers Alom- Vilom ((500 counts of numbers).Bindubhed (3-5 round) & Shakti chalini kriya (3-5 round with Pranayam),Uthan Kriya (3-5 round,Chaturth Pranayam with Ardhnariswer deity ,mantra Kunjika strtam 1:36:12/1:24:12),Meditation10-20 minutes followed by Pooja.Sir this I am doing myself learnt from mansik guru ji , but if you have suggestions or modifications in my routine schedule , please suggest me & donot hesitate.
Hari Om tatsat

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