Yoga exercises to make your face glow

what are the yoga exercises to get back the glow on face?? One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you advise? Sushant: sarvang asana, kapalbhati, Anna Poorna: Kapalbhati pranayama along with some anulom vilom pranayama :) Ben: Two glasses of red wine Jason: the red wine is good Ben but Shirshasana is better. Sita Chaitanya: Well it's from prana, so anything that increases prana would help. Mita: to get glow on face....above gr8......but the... Is u have to be happppppy from inner n outer Guru Bala: Kapalapathi and Bhastrika pranayama together with Sarvanga asana for five minutes daily. Practice yoga daily and you can see your face glow ! Shoumava: Do Simhasana and Sarvangansana Ritu: pranayam nd vth dt helthy n fresh vegetable juices vth dt fruit really helps have glow on skin. And above all vth dt one should have smile on face !!Nthn can be comapred with smile,and laughfter:)So always smile and be positive its really gnna show glow on ur face:) Dennis: ~Plow Posse~ Sangeetha: all inverted postures suchas vipareetakarni,sarvangasana,halasan r really effective in increasing the blood circulation to the face which gives good results. Shammi: The aim to direct the circulation of blood towards your face. So definitely inverted posture. Regular practice of Jivha Mudra and Singh Mudra will not only bring glow but also remove wrinkles from the face. Mani: Halasana

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