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A reader asked this question: "please help me out as I have acne...suggest me some exercices to get rid of this horrible acne"

Many comments came from our facebook friends - do you have any others to share?

stop eating junk food first!!

Mita: stop even chillyspice....n need ur stomach to be cool n goood sleep too

Ophelia: high amounts of milk especially low fat milk is known to cause acne.. maybe the hormones. Vitaman E capsules are good, just open one up at
night squeeze the gel out and rub on your face. and drink lots of water.

Leah: the moment you accept where you are at and manifest the positive of what you do want it will happen....

Nitin: Suhani ur blood hv a lots toxin, use multani mitti on ur face, herbal blood purifier,kutjarist,and amritadi guggul tab. Drink alots of water, excercise would not help too much.

Susan: Drink lots of water. Eat a yogic diet.

Suguna: If you are a regular yoga practitioner , try "sheershasana" (head stand), its called the "fountain of youth" for good reason, increases
blood flow to the head , great revitaliser and see your skin glow ! PLS

Praveena: If you are above 15 then internal cleaning by way of jal dhauti and shankhprakshalan helps reduce the accumulated toxins.Supplemented with
good diet the problem will eventually lessen.Do all the above practices
under the guidance of a yoga guru.

Loire: is Jal Dhauti = Kunjali kriya?

Praveena: yes it is also called vaman.

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  • Alternate Nose Breathing
  • Wind relieving pose
  • Spinal twist
  • Revolved Triangle pose
  • Reclining Twist
  • Rabbit Pose

The above yoga poses are good for the clear skin. If you face the issue of acne, then you can try the yoga poses and get rid from the acne easily.


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