Yoga for beautiful hair

Can you suggest some asanas for a light and weak hair to make them voluminous and strong also to make them long? Our facebook friends had this advice - maybe you have some other ideas to share?

Harte: Headstand and Sholuderstand + Halasana(Best for hair recovery)
Sita: My first thought, and I welcome other people's opinions, was that while asanas can indeed make you healthier in the long run, it seems that diet would be a more direct way to influence healthy hair. Following a sattvic diet would be the best.

Victoria: I agree. I think also that all asanas that bring your blood to the head, must be usefull because irrigates your hair roots

Anindita: Sarvangasana or Sheershasana are good forthe hair.But itis more important to do relaxation as any disorder is directly or indirectly related to our mind.So the root cause is the mind.I would suggest , you do Shavasan and yog nidra to relax your mind.And ofcourse diet and good life style also contribute towards a healthy body including HAIR growth.

Indahwati: If the body is healthy,so skin,hair&nail also it's depend on the genetic&envorment

Yenny: Speaking from experience, abt 3-4 months after giving birth, I suffered from hair loss and I did headstand everyday, longer then I normally did.The result was amazing! I suggested this to a friend and it worked for her too. She felt lots of new hair started to grow within weeks. Try it. But don't forget to practice suryanamaskar and other asanas as well. They're all good. Namaste...

Praveena: Hathyoga mentions that when you regularly do sarvangasan for 6 months and are able to maintain it for a long time ,even the grey hair becomes black.So there it speaks of the benefit to the hair in particular.worth giving a try if you dont fall under the contraindication group.

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