Yoga for Cellulite

Om :)

I have practiced yoga for some time and feel really great. But I would like to know if someone knows specific asanas against cellulite. Probably this health condition in inherited for me but maybe yoga can help!

Thank you,


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  • Dear Berzina,

    Please do let me know what kind of suggestions you are looking for.

    God Bless you.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Dear Berzina,

    It is nice to hear that you do Yogasana which is itself a good habit to be healthy. In your case I would also suggest to do Suryanamaskar, 6 cycles from each side so 12 cycles altogether and take a relax for at least 5 minutes

    I will not suggest you for a corpse pose (Savasana) but take a rest in whichever pose you feel comfortable then after when you feel normal go for “Kapalbhanti Pranayama” for at10-15 minutes in a very steady way with Padmasana pose and then take a relax and then do “Bhastrika Pranayama” in a same Padmasana at a cycle of 60 times in a minute so 2-3 minutes is ok for you at initial stage. If you cannot do 2-3 minutes please leave it.

    Technically, this Bhastrika pranayama will help you to reduce the fat as well as clean the blockage of the veins since pranayama helps to purify the blood so it will definitely be helpful to get cure from cellulite.

    In Bhastrika pranayama breathing is too fast and its result is also fast but there are some prohibitations so mind them before doing it.

    One should not do when he/she is suffering from high blood pressure, if you are 38 years old or below then you can do the above but above 40 should consult a Yogi.

    Please do the above only under the proper guidance of a master especially for Bhastricka and I feel, this is not the right way to suggest or give advice to do Asana or Pranayama so before doing the above alone please think ten times.

    Books, CD cannot teach you in a right way. So please consult a person concerned the above and proceed accordingly.

    Note: it also helps to activate the internal power called “Kundalini Power” but sorry I cannot tell you here it will be worthless.

    May Nikhileshworananda bless you.

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    • Dear Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda,

      Thank you so much for your advice! Currently I am living in Ottawa (Canada). I started my yoga practice back home in Europe and I had a really great and knowledgeable yoga teacher. Unfortunately, here in Ottawa I have not found person whom I can trust an safely do yoga practice.

      I will definitely look into your suggestions and if I will have unclear questions, I will ask my yoga teacher.

      Thank you :)

  • Standing positions like Vira Bhadrasana and Trikonasana can be helpful. And practicing lots of sun salutations. Special Ayurveda Massages can be helpful as well.
    Anybody else has some ideas?
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