Yoga for frozen shoulder

Here is a good question asked by one of our Facebook friends: Suggest some exercises for frozen shoulder.

Do you have any other advice besides the following?

Debora: I have a frozen shoulder and want to know the yoga excercise for cure this, I heard that iyengar yoga have this treatment.

Yasmine: Its extremely painful condition,,caution has to be maintained.I could suggest-
Stand straight with legs wide apart

...Cross arms at the wrists in front of the body with the palms turned in

Inhaling deeply, lift arms high, stopping where the shoulder hurts Holding your breath, spread arms out and then back to the crossed wrist position Exhaling, bring arms back to starting position After a breath or two, repeat the procedure. Repeat ten times during one session. Everyday, try to raise arms a little higher than the previous day, till you can lift them fully above the head.

Stand straight Lift toes and stretch your arms above the head and look up. Maintain this posture for as long as you can

Other Exercises

Walk fingers of affected arm on the wall Stand sideways near a wall. Place palm flat on it.

Walk index, middle and ring fingers up till the shoulder hurts. Maintain the position for a little while and then walk fingers down Practice ten times each in the morning and evening.

Hasthauthanasana and tadasana are not for people with heart ailments.

Praveena: Shadanand mudra done very slowly with full awareness helps tremendously to release tension in that area.

Mei: - straighten arms shoulder height, away from the body
- bend arms with hands gently resting on shoulders
- gentle slow rotation of shoulder joints forwards for a few rounds then backwards
note - rotation should be synchronized with breath wit...h full awareness resting on the area involved

Mita: try reiki also it gives relief in pain

Solveig: you may start with some exercices from feldenkrais which are tiny and soft.....before you go to more "advanced" "asanas" if the pain is really bad.....and as it is really frozen....

Keerthana: do shoulder rotations daily. if u working on computers, do it very often.

Susan: Agree with shoulder rotations -- clockwise and counterclockwise. Also clasping hands behind back with arms straight, gives very good stretch.

Christine: Acupressure points.. alittle difficult to describe without pictures but I'll have a go
Tip of the shoulder (rotator cuff) you wil feel this one
Then along shoulder midway to head..
Down the arm 2/3 way to elbow .. hope it helps

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  • I did not have frozen shoulder but almost... a shoulder that had a lot of problems... and I used a tennis ball and had great results. I did not see this video, but thank you for adding this idea to the thread. om
  • Namaste,

    I found on a web. search, a simple exercise with a tennis ball to get relief from symptoms of frozen shoulder.kindly visit -
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