Yoga for gout

What can one do for gout problem? This question was asked on facebook and had several replies - do you have anything to add?
Harte: Forward Bend will help you to increase the Power of your immunity system...Once the immune is restored you can fight with any thing so does "GOUT"...

Graig: Diet restrictions are the best approach for gout. Gout is spurred on by foods with high purine content, things like sardines, organ meats, salmon. Moderate consumption/use of foods like beans, asparagus, beef, pork, oatmeal, wheat bran.
Careful with kickbacks into plank from stqnding positions (sun salutation, or other asanas in a vinyasa that do the same) since gout can be triggered by trauma to the toes. I speak from experience.
I think that this has not been proven scientifically, but cherries and pure cherry juice has helped me in the past.
Here is a Mayo Clinic article on gout:

Umesh: The gout means accumulation of toxin inside the body. The immune system of the body has become weak and hence it is unable to throw out the toxim or waste product out from the body. Immediateltly shift to alkaline diet. Take enema. Do vamon. Do bharamari to relax the mind and body.This will help in dealing with gout......umesh kapoor

Nitin: Gout is 'vatvyadhi' hritki+shahjanmool+ sudhkuchila+vrahatvat chintamani ras+ aloevera juice

Graig: The toxin is uric acid that isn't cleared by the kidneys. Healthy kidneys filter uric acid into the urine. When this doesnt happen there is accumulation of uric acid. The accumulation of this acid in the blood stream will cause crystallization in the joints, early in the disease the extremities, like the big toe, are affected, later in knees, and hips.

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