Yoga for hypothyroidism

I have a 2 year old baby & while I was pregnant I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My weight has gone absolutely astray since then. I desperately need help to work on my thyroid & weight issues. One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you advise? Sita Chaitanya: Make sure from a doctor you haven't developed a variety of hypothyroidism that requires medication, like Hashimoto's. For yoga, the shoulderstand stimulates the thyroid gland and helps regulate metabolism. All of yoga and pranayama increases prana which gives you more energy. I also had/have hypothyroidism - I hope you find a solution soon. Lyn: I had that since birth and im almost 30. I also have a child. The only thing i can say based on experience is exercise and eat well. My weight goes up o down and its irritating. Never eat past 730 if u can help it. And drink water only after. Im losing weight that way and its helping me. Karen: i had a thyroid problem 14 years ago mine was called graves disease, were i could eat and eat but not gain weight i lost several stones and my weight was 6stone, i was put on medication i think it worked for a while then i became prenant my son and for some reson it went so i kind of had the oppisite happen to me when i became pregnant the problem went away , my sister however had to have a operation to have her thyroid removed and is on medication for life, i agree i think stress can cause a lot of illness mental or physical at the time i was going through some things but hormone changed the illnness so im just randomly thinking that hormones or to be posssitve can help prevent most illness i truly believe if we worry we dont eat right therfore our body malfunctuions our minds dont work right, im not saying its a cure im saying it can be a preventor , to have it from birth im assuming it was a genetic thing but that is rare , i know one of my pills was thyroxin and there was another one i was taking, i suffered body paralises too not a nice thing to go through, to be honest if you have ben diagnoised with thyroid problems the medication does seem to work and stick to healthy living yes, but worrying wil not help yoga yes that will help meditation will help eating correctly will help , exercise and lots of water all good , Bela: yoga which can be practiced for the treatment of hypothyroid are the breathing exercises like pranayam (Breath Exercise) and kapalbhati (Mind Rejuvenation Exercise). It also helps in the removal of toxins from the body and makes the body ac...tive. The shoulder stand posture of yoga called sarvangasana helps greatly in the treatment of hypothyroid. The shoulder stand position helps in the flow of blood in the reverse direction from the toe to the neck region which causes better supply of oxygen in the neck and helps in better functioning of the thyroid gland so that hypothyroid state can be treated efficiently.but first consult your doctor. do these asanas in the guidence of yoga teacher Agnese: Gurutej Kaur videos on health. She is the Energy Guru, the best, and I mean the best of the best. You can find her postings here on my wall and link up to her pages. Lots of love and Angel blessings to you. Please practice self-love during these times of change. Namaste. Swami Saradananda: OM - SHOULDER STAND + FISH!!! Sadaf: Thank you so much everyone. Your feedback, suggestions, support & love means a lot. I Shall include these in my daily exercise regime. Thanks a lot once again. God bless.

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