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I am four months pregnant and have never done yoga before. I would like to start since I think it will be good for the baby and myself. Do I need to have practiced yoga before to start now?
This question was asked by one of our Facebook friends and received these answers. Do you have any other comments?

Victoria: I think every moment is a good moment to start. But, get a good pregnancy yoga teacher to guide you... namaste and best wishes

Shammi: Pl b very careful while doing yoga during pregnancy. Consult some yoga expert in this field. However, some of the most recommended postures are Baddhakonansana (without forward bending), Marjarasana, ardha chandrasana (this is really good as the baby gets enough space aned also there is good blood circulation in the abdominal area, however, do with the support of the wall and with someone as it requires balance)

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Pregnancy is the time when you have to take care of yourself and also of your baby. For the better health you can do the yoga in your life. For knowing the yoga aspects, then you must take the Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh for learning the aspects of yoga. Here are some yoga pose which you can practice at the time of pregnancy.

  • Easy Pose
  • Bound Angle Pose
  • Extended Triangle Pose
  • Lotus Pose
  • Warrior 2 Pose
  • Head to Knee Pose


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