Yoga for retina problems

Which asanas should be avoided for people with RETINA problems? One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you advise? Chandni: I think inverted postures should be avoided. Apart from that avoid any pose that does feel comfortable while doing it. Joseph: cobra style Shoumava: Any of the inverted postures perhaps any Asana putting strain on the eyes and providing rush of blood towards the head and associated organs like eyes Sarala: HEMA ...BETTER ..CONSULT OPTHOMOLOGIST befoer doing any asan. ,,, REMEMBER IT IS EYE,, Hem: Thanks... I will ask. But I doubt if they know anything much about yoga asanas... Sarala: first takecare of eyes.......then comes yoga. Chetankumar: Start Doing Vajrasana for removing every defect of retinas.. Tratak can be done till a certain extent ,as per the current stamina of ur eyes... Take care ....especially of eyes...

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