Are there yoga techniques to improve concentration for my studies?
Our facebook friends had this advice for students - do you have any other advice?

Mei: ok off my head it's the candle staring technique. light a candle in a darkened room and just focus on the flame.

Chetankumar: Tratak,Shirshasana,and Chakrasana wud help for sure.
All the poses with head down also help to different extent each.

Lilia: try to use a instrumental music, focus one point . white color..

Shoumava: definitely so many..padmasana, gomukhasana, sukhaasana, siddhasana a few

Praveena: At the end of the book you are studying put a dot on the blank page,size of a pepsi cap,colour it dark whenever you think you are not able to focus,just turn to the last page.stare at it without blinking till eyes are tired.Then close eyes and visualise the dot in your eyebrow centre for about 3 blinking and palming.continue studying.

Sumit: Try this: Light a candle in a dark room, sit about 8 ft away alone, your spine erect, look at the candle without blinking for 1 or 2mins,then close your eyes and visualise the candle in your mind. Do this a few times daily. Not only in studies YOUR CONC LEVEL WILL IMPROVE IN EVERYTHING

Suguna: The whole practice of Yoga is all about focusing.. the mind most certainly becomes sharper and more aware due to the mind- body awareness that proper practice imbibes . Infact yoga is highly recommended to cure hyper activity in children.. which goes to show that the practice itself helps improve concentration.

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