Some Yoga Teachers Feel it's better to abstain from taking tea or coffee when started practicing Yoga.Is it true? I often take tea and I think it's hard for Me to stop taking tea at once. U R valuable opinion on this for Me please. 

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  • there is a renowned doctor in naturopathy who connects the concepts of yoga food and yoga well .
    It is possible to control the desire of drinking tea without the feel of missing. The doctor name is manthena satyanarayana raju. Most of his books are in telugu , but there are still some books in english.
    • It is possible through sadhana, if you cannot give up such coffee and tea for some time then how you can go for a YOGA that is a pure Sadhana.Mind it "Khuch Pane Ke Liye Kuch Khona Padta Hai"

      You will have to give up some thing if you want to gain somting. You can do test both with and without and find the results that would be best experience.

      Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • I take my Green Tea, with lemon juice, ginger juice and honey. in the end it wouldn't look like a tea at all, is like some herbal drink.Anyone try this for a week and see how do you feel in all aspects of your life.
  • 1. In olden days, Budhist monks used to drink tea to keep sleep away so as to be able to concentrate fully on meditation.
    2. The Reasonable amount of intake of the Leafy-Green tea and the lemon tea [both devoid of the milk] are said to be beneficial for human body system.
  • Dear Sakthidasan Jee,

    Please do not follow the words so blindly. I have come to understand that you practice physical asana and pranayama and since Yog is a pure sadhana in which a sadhak tries to control over his physical as well as spiritual aspects and gradually he gets into Yog. Taking tea of coffee does not matter but the most important thing is that how much and how you take it. Yoga is purely done by internal conscious through pranagni so in this case tea or coffee do not affect.

    I would therefore like to suggest you please try to enhance your will power like "Tasmai mana Shiv sankalpastu". So think deeply within what you want actually and how you want and proceed accordingly.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • I don't. For me though I do have to regulate how much tea and coffee I drink other wise I could drink it all day and then I can't sleep and then my sadhana starts to suffer...

    I think the reason they say to abstain from tea and coffee is because it is rajasic rather than sattvic. But on the other hand there are numerous studies that specify the health benefits of coffee, and I know I feel really good when I drink chai and there are benefits to drinking that. So for me it's more about moderation than abstaining.

    I think each person should maybe decide for themselves, and a little won't hurt you.
    • Thank u . Now I'm very clear on the subject I discussed. and My Discussion will continue.
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