• Hi Mike

    Very interesting that one yoga teacher enjoy meeting with other yoga teachers. I am a yoga teacher from Rishikesh. We provide here yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. So as you described in comment you are going to plan visit rishikesh. Then definitely visit RishikulYogashala, Where you can meet many yoga teachers.

  • Namaste sanjuguru
    Lokk forward to seeing your web site
    please keep me posted
    Many thanks shanti.
  • hi mike, i have got few results of meditation, pranayam and yogic nidra. as tested on many practicnors i have found that my package'achintya' which is a combination of these three have treated asthma, sleep disorder, dipression, anxioty and other mental problems. as it works onn brain portion, lungs and heart. aim soon bringing a web site achintya to help those who need it.
  • hi dear mike, aim sorry for late reply. dear yogi today i see that most of yoga teachers have made yoga as business, some write power yoga? some mordern yoga?. hi what is this yoga is of patanjali who had introduced it, explained it. and dear i dont belive in asanas(hatha yoga). aim studing yoga/practicing yoga from last 15 years, from my experience i have choosed some useful parts,like pranayam/meditation and yogic-nidra(sleep) and have expermented in my camps. good and positive results. which i will write u later if you like.

    yes aim happy to attend yogic together.
    • Namaste Sanjuguru
      Please let me have the results of your work I am most interested.
      Classical Yoga Nidra is well practiced in the United Kingdom as this has been part of the Hatha Yoga teachings
      for the last forty years here..
      The problem with many of the Yoga Classes here is the exclustion of meditation with the Asanas
      being the All Importance.
      Kind regards
  • Namaste
    My new friend..Last year I organised a tour of two Yoga Tachers in the UK swami saradananda ans salvatore Zambito the tour was known as Yoga Pathways,salvatore was the priciple of the Patanjali Institute based in the USA and Swamiji lives in London and recently puplished her book on Chakra Meditations.
    I agree with you about the Yoga Sutras the problem in the UK and the USA is that Yoga has become
    Asana based, without the clear understanding of the philosohy, to me it is Not Yoga.
    I enjoy editing Yoga E-Magazines and I can help put the true balance back into the Yoga community
    well at least try..
    the tour of visiting Yoga Teachers also opens up hearts and minds and I have another tour planned for 2009.We all meet for a purpose may your foot steps be guided
    Mike om shanti..
  • YES MIKE,rishikesh is just 2 hours journey from my place.
  • its great, you like to meet other yoga teachers of all traditions, look yoga have changed from time to time, but the pure and best is yoga discribed by patanjali.
    • I am planning to visit Rishikesh next year
      is Rishikesh near to you?
    • Agreed..
      but to tell you the truth the idea of getting teacher to meet
      helps them to understand yoga is more than just posture
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