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Which asanas and breathing exercises are helpful to deal with dandruff and skin problems? can anyone suggest?
One of our Facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies. Do you have anything to add to this?

Shoumava: Sarvanganasana, ushtrasana, matsyasana for the thyroid and rubbing nails of opposite hands

H Lucy: skin is often a reflection of the lungs so pranayama is essential...bastrika and kapalbhaati, anomvilom. remember to avoid bastrika during warm weather since it heats you up. sarvangasan as the name suggests is for all limbs ushtrasan and dhanurasan will help open out your chest and bring flexibnility back to that area. mayurasan is an allround purifier which will purify the blood and get your skin back to a balanced

Alok: sun salutations all inverted poses nd bhastrika, kapalbhati (breathin exercise)

Natasha: i think morning sunlinght and walking barefoot on lawn is good .
Some mudras also are good especially Varun and Shunya mudra ..>>

Hazel: Kapalbhati and Sirsasana, but not at the same time : )

Chetankumar: Sarvangasana for skin,kapalbhanti for hairs.

Marta: I like it!!

Guru Bala: Kaphalabhathi breathing for skin problems, atleast 200 counts every morning !

Kat: kaphalabhathi is the the best for skin problem....try 100 counts each morning n before sleep

Brad: Skin problems are usually a blend of improper eating and digestive capacity for a long time. A mix of to much fire and water in the system. Called kleda. First clean up the digestive system and eat properly, then do hamsasana or mayurasan everyday. agnisar kriya before eating.

Kapil: try kapalbhati maximum times possible. it cures all problems related with head & stomach u will get benefit soon.

Brad: Dandruff is another one altogether. Dryness of the system, start using bhrigaraj tailum on your head and add ghee into your diet. If your tongue is coated you must clean your digestive system first.
Too hot and too dry sounds possibly like have been doing hot room yoga. If so stop. It is not improving your situation. If will not help the digestive but hinder it.
Oh and warm the oil before putting it on your head.

Madhura: Many Thnx pple :)))

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