Yoga vs. the Christian faith

Many people express dismay that some Christians cannot reconcile practicing yoga with their faith. It is in part because of articles like this one by Southern Baptist Leader Mohler which says basically that you can't be a yogi and a Christian at the same time. This article is getting a lot of press here in the US and this man's opinion will carry weight with many people. What do you think?
One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you think about this issue?

Ananya: xenophoebia...besides calling Yoga Hindu is like saying Penicillin is Christian cause it originated in Europe.

Nitin: Yoga is for humanity only,no matter it is originated by hindus or christian. They must think abt it.

Pathma: yoga is from a human to a human not only for hindus.

Ananya: incidentally mystical Judaism talks abt Sephiroths which have great similarity is essence to chakras....and Christ was a Rabbi

Raj: @ananya dutta- totally agree with you!

Harte: In the long run American will consequently understand one day--There are two things Christianity and Churchianity...And in the long mental wrestling the day will come, they will really start to understand legacy and spiritual genius of Jesus Christ and the same day they will start moving towards Jesus and thus become Christian and consequently a better Yogi...Because Christianity and Yoga is one thing and Churchianity is dogmatic part which in the long run have eroded Jesus will power...

Praveena: Yogaha chitt vritti nirodha (yoga is cessation of modifications of mind).Fail to see any mention of religion here.

Harte: I am a Hindu once i proclaimed the truth of Veda, I said one man Vedas are not book as few people misunderstood.
Books can be destroyed but how can one destroy eternal truths...
Vedanta are the accumulated treasury of eternal facts, You give the name of Vedas or any religious scripture...The moment i said he abused even my entire family...People live in Dogmatic slavery whether...True religion was is and will be only for few selected lads...

Beverley: the christian religion says cleanliness is next to godliness....also your body is the temple of in jogi you keep your mind and body healthy has nothing to do with any religion....its just keeping a spiritually good mind and body... also some christians beleive the sun ...moon and stars...are not to be used as a spiritual guide...BUT then who do they beleive created the universe.....think carefully!!!!

Amanda: religion is tainted and misinforming, misleading, and corrupt. I apologize in advance if this offends. I am certain that everyone in this particular post can read and write and understand for themselves words on a page. I do not need a man to stand behind a podium and give me his rendition of what the bible means to me...I can read it myself. There is a lightness to spirituality...doesn't have to have a label.. It just is.. We just are. It's experiential... that's the beauty in it. No rules..just love.

David: I think Albert Mohler has an issue with yoga because his 'faith' dictates a world in which the physical and spiritual dimensions of the world are at odds with one another. A sort of dualism where Gods creation is good but at the same time i...t needs to be rescued from the forces of evil. Which to me sounds like a way of putting the responsibility of our negative choices on external forces. He has to be against Yoga in order to support his reading of the scriptures. The teachings of Jesus lead me to believe that he himself is a Yogi. And my understanding of the teachings of all the various Yoga's have enhanced my own understand of Jesus teachings as well as my own ability to partake in the divine.

Catherine: Great comments here. They power structure of the Christian CHURCH (and some other religions) has always had some fear that other kinds of spirituality will compromise their POWER. I think the writer is stuck on yoga as being a heathen thing, but he didn't explain very clearly where the actual conflicts between yoga and christianity are, because if he did so, I think the obvious flaws in Christian doctrines would not stand up to critical analysis.

Maica: Never trust in a sectarian religion.

Manjula: Yoga has nothing to do with religious beliefs.....

Robert: Somebody should remind that "christian" guy that he is not an authentic christian. I'm a christian orthodox, and I can say that many christian orthodox monks that reached Samadhi, agree that Yoga is a spiritual practice. I know yogi that ta...lked with few Illuminated monks and they where talking about chakras and meditation. First book after the Bible, in orthodox path is the "Philocalias" (it's coming from Philos - story and Calias - beautiful, in latin) and there is the life of the Saint Parents, or the Saint Monks, who are explaining technics to control your breathing in meditation, or body postures to amplify your meditation or prayer. More, in Christianity there is a pray called "Heart's Pray" and is about to get your mind and your heart in one state of meditation, like in yoga.
But the baptists they don't know about all this. No baptist became Illuminated or have any signs of being Saint. Why ? Because they are guided by "blind" peoples, but they read that Bible for nothing, or just to memories all the verses, but not the meaning of those words. I can program a robot to memories the Bibile and smile to people :)
Anyway, search for Dechanet the christian monk who wrote about his yoga experience. Amazing experience.

Natasha: yoga is not a religion . it is a path for attainment of liberation fom cycles of life and death . Cristians dont have a concept of the brahman especialy catholics find it very difficult to understand due to the influence of the RCC in Italy.... basically most cristians are busy converting other faiths to their religion and waste time without even thinking about or even listening to merits of other faiths .
Yoga is a path to the attainment of the brahman . Most christians just use yoga asanas as a keep fit routine . which is a shame .
there is so much more in yoga . One has to note ; what man is is what he thinks . and yoga is much as what goes on in the mind .

Amanda: debate over christianity/religion is a waste of breath. The only reason for debating at all is to try and convince others of what we know and believe to be true...that is screaming ego. The truth that each of us holds in our hearts is the only truth on which we need to reflect. It is not a chest pounding debate.... those days should come to an end. All we need is love and peace and coexisting!! ♥

Kireet: Jesus Christ was a "Kriya Yogi". He mastered his body and mind in Kashmir in India and then went back to his people to preach the gospel and do the work which was assigned to him.
We need not worship God, we have to become God. Otherwise, we... are paying lip-service to self-improvement.

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