Yogic tips for good health

Asanas are certainly useful. But besides asanas, if we follow yogic guidelines in day to day living, it improves our lifestyle. These are simple tips which soon become a healthy habit. 
One such habit I was introduced to many years back is reg. eating habits. Eating at 4 hour intervals and having liquids (water) in between. While initially it seemed a bit difficult to follow, it soon became a habit. The result has been - no hunger pangs in between, no overeating, etc. My weight has been constant (at most 1-2 k.g. variation over time) for the last over 20 years. There could be other reasons for this too. But I feel this is the main reason. Of course there have been exceptions to this and few times have had meals not to this schedule. But they have been very few. 
Setbacks initially have been in the form of travelling or busy at work, etc. So cannot stick to this schedule. But believe me, if you want to, you can overcome these setbacks to a great extent. Started taking packed eatables with me, tried to adjust the days schedule accordingly, etc. It is practical if we give it an honest attempt. 
Also generally avoided water with meals. This too has helped. Made it a habit to drink either 1/2 hour before or 1/2 hour after eating. 
All such habits have to be taken practically as well. For example, if is a choice between eating at time and having unhealthy food, if proper food is not available at that time, then certainly it is better to skip the schedule. But learn the lesson and next time plan a proper meal on time. 
Am sure we all start with these things, but soon find them not practical. Believe me, they are practical. Just need to put in a little extra effort. Not resort to short.cuts. 
What tips have you tried and what difficulties have you faced. Talking and discussing with like minded people does help. You get a fresh perspective on things.

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  • Yoga is good for the health if practice properly. If you practice the yoga in your daily routine, then it gives the tremendous health benefits. But keep in mind first you need to learn about yoga which is only by taking the yoga classes. Here are some few tips which is good for the your health while you doing the yoga and reduce the chance of injury.

    • Do warm up before the yoga session.
    • Take lessons from your tutor.
    • Don't try difficult yoga pose without talking about with tutor.
    • Tell about your injuries to your tutor.
  • Usually after a workout I'm tired and often cannot eat until an hour or two later. A big help for me has been taking YogaEarth's Vitality(http://bit.ly/cnpyDh), it provides a great energy boost after a workout and I have also noticed that I no longer get late afternoon cravings.
    • I do not have access to Vitality. But energy drinks in general do refresh and energise. Since how long have u been doing this and has it helped in weight control ? (Since u no longer get late aft. cravings) Personally though I would still prefer fresh fruits / bananas / flavored milk / etc. I generally try to avoid things with preservatives (after all chemicals). But of course not possible to always do so. Regards.
  • I agree, if we follow yoga guidelines in day to day life it improves our lifestyle. A big help for me has been becoming vegetarian and eliminating onions and garlic from the diet. I find when I eat onions and garlic I usually feel tamasic the next day and pranayama and asanas are much harder. Also I find a good help is walking regularly, it helps keep the hips loose and gives some cardiovascular workout that we don't get much of during asanas. Plus you get to be outside in nature and it's free!
    • I agree with you. Such tips do help. I too turned vegetarian many years back. Initially you do miss non.veg, but believe me, there can be so much variety even in veg. foods that soon u do not miss non.veg. Also nutrition wise, a right mix of veg food variety can make up for non.veg. A humble suggestion: instead of totally eliminating onion and garlic, try to reduce the quantity. They have their uses too. Walking is the certainly the best form of light exercise. Specially helpful for those with diabetes. Another plus is u can do it alone or together and also catch up on discussions, besides being free and being with nature ! Good to know ur views.
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