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  • Hallo maryse,

    happy birthday to you.

    May your wildest dreams come true.

    Om shanti
    Eduard - Member of Yoga Vidya e. V. Webteam


  • hello how are you ?
  • hello how are you ?.now i live in osaka .
    have a great weekend .
  • nice to hear from you .thank you if i am free really i want come .please tell me before likes one month .ok may be i can come .thank you again .
  • thank you to hear from you .it,s great i have been to miyazaki last year christmas 23 dec .
    so sad . any way .have a great day .
  • Namaskar,Human power is Highest power in the world. we can achive anything in this world, but most of them forget our own power. when you born as a baby your size is 4 to 6inch. but now you are 5 or 6' feet hight, because of your own power. so bealive your power. you get peace of mind and all. Think very higher level, give more effort, hard work, create your work. your a master in all field. But your not done anything one supreme power control you. so bealive that power and avail that power thro your mind power. be happy, be smile. WHEN YOU BORN ALONE, WHEN YOU GO ALONE, WHEN YOU LIVE ALONE, SO DONT DEPAND TO ANYBODYELSE, STAND YOUR OWN LEG. Human being only smile, so keep smile always your age will decrease and you always young, young, young. thank you.
  • Namaskar, God Create you as a very high powerful human being. Your the most powerful woman in this universe. You can achive anything. But keep your mind clean, sharp, alert, aware. You love yourself. If you control yourself, you can able to control the whole world. Be happy and spread happy. thank you.
  • Salutations my divine Maryse

    Welcome and thank you for the friendship


    Sri Devanayagi Parameswaran
  • Hello Maryse, Thanks! Good to see you around also! Have a peaceful Weekend, mjf
  • Be plenty of love every second of your day today, and every day of your life. A Palo Santo essential oil like a gift is waiting for you, please contact on my name to there an ask for a 10ml sample. You will love it is the most healing oil of the world.
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