EL PALO SANTO (BURSERA GRAVEOLENS) "Belongs to the sacred lineage of the trees that for centuries had been the source of the principal essential oils"

PALO SANTO TREE (Bursera Graveolens) Products are: The essential oil, the resin oil and the natural wood incense.

This Products contained a New Vegetal Spirit of the New Age who bring an exotic and great power in it perfumes.

Both, Palo Santo’s Essentials oil & resin oil, have a complete new healing aroma, we could said that the others essential oils are a little bit tired cause it continue use into the millenniums.

Today, it is true that PALO SANTO products represent into this Age the leadership between the essential oils, flower essences, and natural incenses; it is because have the essential vegetal spirit and white smoke That contains the wide range of healing power and aromatic of all; without doubts, this are ready to comply it mission.

Inside the Ayurvedic massages therapy, the elementals properties of the PALO SANTO confer equilibrium too; having the power to regulate/calibrate the Chakras. If are depressed, pulls up, if are euphoric or disturb, it calms; confers a perfect balance producing relax and special states of Peace and inner examination.

PALO SANTO’S energies are like a “Holy Spirit” one, that helps to increase the trust in us, to overcome fears, to suppress the pain body and deeper traumas into a few therapy sessions. Taking out black entity too.

PALO SANTO’S oils, produce a spiritual tangible film over the skin that Works like a protector Shield, works reinforcing the positive that our electromagnetic body generates and strengthen the Coccon (+ than the Aura) and are perfectly absorbed by our neuro vegetative system.

The PALO SANTO’S Essentials oil, always evokes strange reactions…, some people love it and find it liberating, but for others, the aroma is something that they don’t like and sometimes a refuse could be, (+/- 1/1000) the same reaction is very rare with the resin or resin oil, that we do not exploit in order to not alter the “Dry Forest (xerophytic) eco system”*(5). We could say that in some way the reactions of the people are similar what happen with the “Spikenard or Jatmansi essential oil”*(1).

By a personal experience, I had found that are two kinds of people that react in front of the smell of the PALO SANTO, ones are who have a illness, others who have black entities inside and reacts like “Dracula in front of garlic”….

Some people said that the vegetal green Spirit from the PALO SANTO, works into the ultra violet spectrum, others in the perfect Green of angelic healings, what is relative to the observer at the end, personally I have seen the first appreciation to cast out of the burning wood pieces during the shamanic sacred ceremonies rotating in counter-clockwise using it for healings and protection. Really we have seen some many incredible healings, cleanings, exorcism, miracles I all fields. (see testimonies) *(5).

A legend said: If you are a crystalline being who wants to faith with demons like “Joshua Ben Joseph” did…, it is better to have good armour, the appropriate of a Light Warrior; to have that kind of shield, use a protector film over your Chakras area in your physical body. It is perfect to have this film with the PALO TOTAL mix* (2).

If you are ready to increase frequency at a high vibration level that be have to be in synchrony with that of the New Age one, what we live now in this period of change of the “time of not time” use this fresh “Green Angel” of the PALO SANTO tree if you desire.

PALO SANTO Oils work faster with children, elders and animals (sometimes in seconds at flu) with the best New Age green healing spirit, works into skin, breathings, arthritis, problems, etc.


Until now, in spite of the fact that not yet we can have an exact idea of the moment of their origin, and to date it; From the PALO SANTO, we know about their ancient use, thanks to the chronicler of Indies*(2) that registered their existence and way of employment.

We know that the civilization that inhabited in the lands of the Pacific Southern by approximately 10000 years in which they lived in the equilibrium between the peace and the spirituality, they employed from the PALO SANTO, the oily resin in "strange ceremonies" and they used the hearts of the trees fallen naturally as incense.

Nevertheless, from the PALO SANTO tree, only the existence and secret management of the resin, was lost in this time period since the chronicler Zarate*(2) referred it, and has been complete unknown up to now for the majority of the beings. But wasn’t, the use of the wood pieces as incense in Temples and houses, as well as in sacred ceremonies and purifications*(2).

We know also that the PALO SANTO resin, they exchanged it with the COPAL resin and both spirits were worth more than the gold; but we suppose that for them both had equal value, that is to say they changed or they quoted equally: a "measure" of the one, by an "equal measure" of the other being that the use of both was very similar.

Personally I re-discovery the use of the resin of the PALO SANTO TREE, in 1981, inside the forest of 5700 hectares of family property, in Manta, San Mateo province of Manabí; and I learned to distilled it in the 2000, with the Italian friend Dante Bolcato, who produces also the oil in Port López, Equator, but I understand each way to produce it is different.

The different procedure does two different products or two different qualities His trademark as Delta Tau; and ours that we promote it with the registered trademark Saintwood*(3).

Other “people”, arrived later to take it already initiated and investigated for us and they began to make money thanks to their image and clearly commercial spirit. For the optimum quality, the vegetable spirit of the PALO SANTO essential oil… finally is from Alchemy, and individualistic, generates their potential in an intimate interrelation with whom it devises; is very important the process in itself and the energies that are handled in their preparation.


1*Spikenard Essential Oil "(Nardostachys grandiflora or Nardostachys jatamansi; also called nard, nardin,and muskroot)" is an extraordinary oil that always evokes strong reactions. Some people love it and find it liberating, but for others the incredible earthy aroma is too overpowering. Often people find that their reaction to it varies from day to day. This is a holy oil, mentioned frequently in The Bible. It is known as Jatamansi in Ayurveda, and was the oil that Mary Magdalene rubbed into Christ's feet before the last supper. The aroma is somehow evocative of sacred spaces and damp marshland at the same time... Earthy and liberating: not for the faint-hearted.

2*PALO TOTAL: (Is the yin & yang combination, 70% essential, 30% resin), this is a perfect formula to be used for that purpose.

*3. Zarate (chronicler of indies) : They have in this province in the doors of the Temples toward the East covered with some parameters of cotton and in each temple there are two black rascals lump figures, before which always they burn firewood of trees that smell very well, that there they are raised, (PALO SANTO), and in breaking them the bark, “distilled from those” a liquor, whose smell transcends so much, that gives disgust, and if with the they grease dead body and they are thrown it for the throat never is corrupted.

**Interpreting this from a very private point of view; we would be able to say that the oily resin extracted of the bark of the PALO SANTO, they used it to resemblance of as they are employed the "Holy Oils" that is a very old custom that it was used so much for "to Crown" (= opening of the Coronary Chakra) like in extreme unction for who to are going to die. The action of the resin works directly in influence of the Gland Pineal and already we know what happen is active this and when we generate own DMT.

PALO SANTO & COPAL: That both roots, from the time discover it hidden in Land, so that what in the sky is, be watchful and the veil be removed, the one that cloudy to the humanity.

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