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Instructor graduated from TTC- Sivananda International Teacher Training Diploma and a diploma from the “Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy” in Rishkesh, India. Recently deepened my knowledge at the Sivananda Chateau in Orleans, France where I lived as part of the staff and as a teacher. Specialised knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition and has undergone intense training as a Sivananda teacher.

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Sivananda Yoga


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  • Dear friend Isabel,
    it's my pleasure to be your friend
    thank you
    frm SANJAY
  • Hello Isabel:
    Thank you for you invitation. You are wellcome. A greeting
  • Hello Isabel, thank you for your friendship. If you want, please tell me, why you chose this red nosed guy as a friend. Sorry, i don´t know the portuguese language , but i know some spanish, which semes to be a little bit similar...
    but, of course, english is ok for me.
    This month here in Germany it is not much inviting to practise Yoga close to the beach. We got lots of rain and coldness. I hope, in a few weeks springtime will start...
    I wish you a peaceful day
    Hans im Glück
  • Hello isabel, thank you for your friendship.
    i wish a beautiful day.
    greetings from munich, germany.
  • Thank you dear Isabel,
    I'm honored and and it's my pleasure to be your friend.:)
    Best wishes, for a lovely day!
  • Hello from Romania my dear friend!
  • Obrigada Isabel, I am very pleased to be selected as a friend! You seem to live in a beautiful region of your country...
    OM Shanti Surya

  • Hola Isabel!
    Gracias por tu amistad. Tus fotos son impresionantes, me encantan, ya quisiera yo poder hacer esas asanas.
  • Namaste!

    Just getting settled in after a long move. Thanks so much for your warm welcome!

    Wishing you a wonderful Spring!


  • Thank you Isabel for your kind friendship.
    Your Asana-s are marvelous.

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