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  • hi,
    I am intersted,
  • Hi Katalin,
    Thanks for responding. Getting ready to go eat sushi so I'll chat with you in detail later. I have a picture of a train because I love doing art-painting, photography....I love graffitti too. I'll tell you I use to hop trains when I was a teenager and just ride in the open car watching the world go by. I love life too.- it's great to be alive. I'm 54, petite reddish brown messy hair and just became a grandmother 42 days ago. It's beautiful to see the wheel of life moving forward. Anyway I'm hungry for my weekly fix of sushi. Peace and Love to you Katalin, Kirby...your name is very pretty.
  • 134122140_c22dd9fa32_s.jpg Hey ! Thanks for the comment ! :o)

    Love and light,

  • om, dear katalin, i will give you a word, and that is you the most active member who writes on yoga to tantra. you have studied Indian yoga sutras . in my studies i had a subject of 'tantra' and our guru explains it 'a life fuel'. and now the word and that is 'Karmath"

    om shanti om,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Katalin,

    Thanks for the birthday greetings!



  • Thank you Katalin for your nice welcome.
    Love & Lights,
  • Nagyon jó!
  • OM,There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is shanti........

    and thanks for inviting me on tantra group
  • Hello Roblin,

This reply was deleted.