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  • 3086217734_ec2d5ce175_s.jpg Hey Katalin ! Thanks for the wishes ! :o)

    Take care,

  • Thank you for your wishes
  • Om Shanti !

    Thanks for your comments.
  • Thank you dear Katalin for birthday wishes
    Much love,
  • Namaste Katalin
    Thank you so much

  • Dear Katalin
    thank you for the birhday wishes.
    I send you a lot of light from Thailand
    Om Friedrich
  • Dear Katalin,
    Thank you for your wishes.
  • om namah shivaya

    Dear Katalin,

    thank you so much for the beautiful flowers.... love and light....

    om shanti
    Vani Devi
  • Hi
    Thank u for writing to me
    I need more yoga videos,where can i get them
    Just help me
  • Thanks so much for the Bday wishes....hugs 2 u!
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