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  • y is it when comes abt "LORD" we are not able to fully surrender to himself . And even by chance if a person does always all d time keeps taking his name considered by others as a "GONE CASE" ? Can u answer me? i will be gr8ful
  • Kalipriyaji nameste,

    i really want to know abt myself . how can one be with always with the LORD. in thought ,action .
  • Thanks very much! Namaste :)
  • Thanks a lot!
    Best wishes for you as well!

  • Thank you very much, dear friend. Have a blessed day.

  • thank u for caring , i will be really happy if u can help me. thanks

  • Thank you Kalipriya very much for your lovely sharings for my birthday.
    Om Sahnti
  • om shanti......

    You are doing the great job of awakening the lost souls.......I think god speaks through you......

  • Namaste Kalippriya

    Thrilled to receive your welcome comments. It has been the first communication to me on this wonderful site. May this be a divine start of a serene journey.
    Shall be in touch soon as per His commands.
    Om Shanti.

    Sincerely yours
  • Thank you
This reply was deleted.