I ...

... am a Yoga Practicioner, ... am a Yoga Teacher, ... am a Yoga Therapist, ... have/direct a Yoga Center/studio, ... live in a Yoga Center or Ashram

I am an expert in the following areas:

Asthanga Yoga, Yoga Therapy for Diabetes, Yoga for stress management

My Yoga tradition/style/center, Yoga practice, Yoga Master/s, Teacher/s

Certified Yoga Teacher from SVYASA Yoga University,Jigani,Bangalore

More about me:

My wife and me have formed a center named "YOGAWAY "and conducting Yoga classes for Corporates,Schools,Colleges and general public in Bangalore.

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

Involve all 5 Layers/Aspects of the body when practicing yoga and get the maximum benefits



Blog or favorite Yoga Website:



intersted in interaction with yoga teachers and practioners from all over the world

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  • Please teach me
    i am in Dubai
  • Thanks a lot for your welcome. Your website is full of interesting information. I will be visiting it regularly.
  • Nice it will be a pleasure. Have a nice day!
  • Hi Krishna
    A great many thanks for your greetings. Very impressed with your website.

    Iwan Davies
  • and I amon fb with a page
  • Hi Hi, I still have to figure out how to move on this site....will do it asap, for now....stay well on and out of the mat ;)))
  • namaste krishna rajaji
    it is greate co-incident happened to see your page on yoga vidya international. It is greate thing to read that you have started your own yogaway centre in banglore. I will be very happy if you can convey me that how you practice on different yoga therapies.
    In pune maharashtra i have my own ashram named Gurukul Yoga Ashram & Naturopathy (GYAN) centres in remote place, on bank of the oldest dam of Bhor_Pune. Here i conduct classes on murma(indian accu-pressure), yoga(Ashtang yoga), Touch therapy(indian old traditional way) to cure many diseases and ailments.In Ashram people come from all over india and particularly from maharashtra for some cronic diseases like spondelisys, Paralitic patients, Asthama, Psorysis, all joint pains etc.
    We do guide students and house wives with yoga how to face stress, tenssion and pressure. Particulary how scientific breathing helps man to control imbalance of hormones in body. The disturbed elctro-magnetic fields can be corrected and body sensors and neru-transmitters can be activated with different dhyana practice, style and total ashram life style helps adictted( Liqure, Tobbacco,Gutkha,Drugs) personalities to come out and live happy life.We are helped by mumbai Drug D-Addiction department employes and other I_T corporates to conduct camps for them.
    lots can be done in this field if we can share the views
    be touch
    yours ------Hemant
  • hiiiiiiiiiii good morning !how r u? HAVE A GREAT DAY!!
  • Thanks a lot for your welcome message. Looking forward more yoga tips. Thanks in advance
  • krishna rajaji
    I was very happy to learn that your all family members are activly involved in yoga studio, which you are running. I will be very glad if i get chance to attend your ashram in bangloor.
    rishi hemant
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