Horn-Bad Meinberg

I ...

... am a Yoga Beginner

I am an expert in the following areas:

Hatha Yoga, Ten Animal Kung Fu, Bonsai, Trees, Pcs, Cars,

My Yoga tradition/style/center, Yoga practice, Yoga Master/s, Teacher/s

Yoga Vidya Grundreihe

More about me:

I like to move, praktise Yoga and Kung Fu 10 animal style.

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

Höflichkeit, Weisheit, Barmherzigkeit, Redlichkeit, Mut, Geduld


Blog or favorite Yoga Website:


Soy un hombre brillo y respondable.

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  • Herzlichen DANK fuer die nette Begruessung!
    I hope I find enough of my little spare time, to use this site to it's full potential!

    Thanks and liebe Gruesse
  • Hi Eduard,
    Thanks fro your lovely comment, energy and greetings!
    With great joy and happiness I salute all of you!

    May peace, light and love manifest for you even more, and may you be shining!
    Love Igor
  • When I write I fear to confusion... Yesterday I asked you if I could open a new group... I did not ask you to do that for me.... After Lulu answer me: "Yes, you can open a group for italian..."

    Other question: here over I though there was a your video ... "Play again". But it is a photo, ok.

    Om Shanti
  • Thanks for your greetings and best wishes on opening and developing this community of yogis.
  • Hello, why don't I see your video? Do it Play video?
    Om Shanti,
  • Hi Eduard! I just drop by to say hello.... I hope I find you with peace & love

    Oh Shanti
  • Ciao Eduard, thank for visit at my profile. I don't know english. So I write little. I ask you if I can open a group in italian lenguage?

    Om Shanti,
  • At first, im so grateful for your wonderful greetings!!! & thanks for your great photo we appreciated it.
  • Hello Eduard! That's an interesting combination..I mean getting the basics of tae kwon do, yoga and karate. After all all of them focuses on your body and the control of it... only with different motives and techniques.

    I like your page with vibrant colors! Anyway I just want to drop by to say hi!!!!!
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