são paulo capital

I am an expert in the following areas:

music an guitar

My Yoga tradition/style/center, Yoga practice, Yoga Master/s, Teacher/s

im musician

More about me:

im composer ,singer ,guitar,two shows in the youtube

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

the woman,the love and life of day by day


Blog or favorite Yoga Website:


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  • Hola Tim! Bom dia de Pascua!
    Have you still in Paris? How was it?

  • You don't sound very good. I wish you're well and Ok!!!!!!
    I'll keep an eye on you, ok. Let me know how you're doing! A big hug for you!

  • Hey Tim, how are you?

  • My friend you're international. Wow! Paris, bon jour, mon cherri. Oh la, la... (lol) How is Paris these days? Beautiful as always, right? I wish I could be there too, I loved Paris. I've been there before and I absolutely adore it. So I envy you.... that's a joke. I wish you had the best of times there my friend. Tells me all about it later,ok? Mua......
  • Tim... hi dear, How are you? I know you've been busy, based on your invitations to joined other ning communities. Enjoy the ride. Tim, here in Puerto Rico we have only little carnivals (local mostly) but nothing like your famous Carnival. Anyway I hope one day I could visit you're beautiful country.
  • Olá tim,
    Obrigada pela sua mensagem. muito trabalho com as aulas e a tese, mas vou sobrevivendo.
    Um abraço,
  • Hi great Timmy!, my wonderfull musician... How's everything in the beautiful Brazil, How was the carnival? A least you are alive after all the partiying over there. I miss you my friend. Sorry, I have been busy these days because of work (I'm a lawyer), but now I'm back! Thanks for stop by, to say hi... it's appreciated.
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